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     The Main Five 

Sonic the Hedgehog

Power: Super Speed

The mainest of the main characters, he was the first one to get a story arc centered around him. An optimistic guy with a thirst for adventure and a swanky bi-plane to boot, he’s got a heart as big as his belly and a willingness to help others that has yet to be matched. He answers questions as positively as possible.


Miles “Tails” Prower

Power: Flight

Sonic’s plucky little brother who lives with him rather than with the rest of Sonic’s family. He is very innocent and kind, but there seems to be some tension between him and Sonic that has yet to be resolved. He answers as many questions as he can, but if he doesn’t understand the question he’ll give it to Sonic.


Knuckles the Echidna

Power: Geokinesis

The grumpy guardian of Angel Island, he guards the Chaos Emeralds from falling into the wrong hands. He takes his job extremely seriously and doesn’t seem to be fluent in English (or whatever language they’re speaking…). He prefers to answer with actions rather than words.


Rosy the Rascal

Power: Tracking Skills

A much more tomboyish interpretation, Rosy the Rascal seems to have all of the coolness factor of Modern Sonic that couldn’t be utilized with the actual blue dude with a ‘tude. She has many hobbies and has a sporty flair about her that gives her a certain charm. She only scratches the surface when she answers questions, and there’s usually more than what she’s saying to the answer.


Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

Power: Super Intelligence

A more human interpretation of ol’ Eggy, Eggman here has a solid, non-Generic Doomsday Villain goal and a meaningful history to match. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t forget that the place he’s trying to build his theme park on doesn’t have any objections. He used to be a College Math Teacher, so he offers the most detailed answers to questions.


  • Anti-Villain: He’s not really a bad guy, he just makes a lot of bad decision.
  • Ambiguously Human: Well, he’s an Overlander, so this trope is applied rather loosely, but he does seem to share more similarities with the robot characters than with other Overlanders.
  • Enemy Mine
  • Friendly Enemy: Sonic seems hesitant to invite him to his next birthday party, but they’re on very nice terms either way.
  • Man Child: He has an air of childishness to just about everything he does.
  • Take Over the World: Averted, as he thoroughly Deconstructs the notion as a rather foolish idea.

    Team Chaotix 

Vector the Crocodile

Power: Super Imagination

A fatherly crocodile with a lot of gold on his person, he loves his family to pieces and is pretty competent in detective work. He spends most of his time keeping his family from killing each other. As he is used to simplifying his explanations for his kids, he’s very good at giving simple, easy to understand answers.


Espio the Chameleon

Power: Invisibility

A rather quiet and reserved man of very small stature. He doesn’t seem to take the initiative on a lot of things and can be rather passive. He usually only answers questions in one-word text answers, but when he answers more thoroughly he tends to use visual shorthand.


  • Culture Equals Costume: Espio doesn’t seem to dress any differently than he would if he were still in Shamar.
  • Straight Gay: No particular behavior as a result of being gay.
  • The Quiet One: Doesn’t like talking to strangers. He seems to talk more to those he knows personally.

Charmy Bee

Power: Super Strength

A young, hyperactive and annoying boy who is under the care of Espio. He used to have difficulties with his strength before Espio disciplined him. He answers questions with facts.


Cream the Rabbit

Power: Super Imagination

A sweet but airy little girl with an uncontrolled power. She tends to creep people out and worry them with her incomprehensible visions. She answers questions as best she can, but they might not be very accurate.


     Future Friends 

Silver the Cyborg

Power: Psychokinesis

A small, shy boy from the future who seems to have a very long stint of poor luck in regards to… just about everything he does, actually. He’s actually kinda stupid when you think about it. He’s more likely to react to a question than answer it.


Blaze the Queen

Power: Pyrokinesis

A Queen from the future who was the only source of heat for miles. It is unknown why she came back from the future, but she now acts as Silver’s caretaker. She is kind of rude and biting, so be cautious when asking her questions.


     Flying Solo 

Metal Sonic

Power: Master of Disguise

Initially created to capture and replace Sonic the Hedgehog, a change in plans halfway through led to him never replacing Sonic in favor of keeping him contained. That didn’t do any wonders for his mental health. Metal Sonic tends to overreact and be humorous while answering questions.


Shadow the Stranger

Power: Time Travel

A very moody and brooding character who doesn’t talk much. He still has trouble coming to terms with his past and is being haunted by his memories at almost all hours. He’s more likely to answer your question if he has spoken to you before or if you’re not anonymous while asking.


  • Anti-Hero: He’s probably the one that blew up the Black Comet.
  • Cowboy Cop: Evokes this feel in his dress and occupation. He even has a motorcycle stand-in for a horse.
  • The Gunslinger: His main form of combat is the use of guns.
  • The Quiet One: It’s a character trait.

Rouge the Bat

Power: Super Hearing

A skilled and womanly espionage agent for the Guardian Units of Nations, Rouge can blend into any situation and get just about any kind of info out of any kind of person. She’s also rather flirtatious and sassy when she wants to be. She gives easily understandable answers out of courtesy, but sometimes her answers are censored for revealing too much classified information.


E-123 Omega

Power: Hammerspace

A rogue robot under the command of G.U.N.. He doesn’t seem to emote much beyond a sheer disinterest in whatever is going on. If you want to know something about Omega, ask Rouge instead.


  • The Comically Serious: Once he was riding up an escalator donning a funny hat and a pair of balloons.
  • Do-Anything Robot: His hammerspace allows him to stuff just about anything into his arms and pop them back out at a moment’s notice.
  • The Stoic: Hardly ever emotes.

     Babylon Rogues 

Jet the Hawk

Power: Master Strategist

A slimeball and attention-begger who insists he’s going to win the next Ex-World Grand Prix. He doesn’t answer questions.


Storm the Albatross

Power: Aerokinesis

A kind, giant boy who lives with his grandfather and deals with his antics. He doesn’t answer questions, but he lives very close to Sonic.


Wave the Swallow

Power: Technopath

An elegant girl of purple, she doesn’t look anything at all like the rather boyish girl she truly is. She doesn’t answer questions.


    Gaia Triad 

Dark Gaia

Power: Omnipotence

The god of the night. He doesn’t (usually) answer questions.


Gaia Mercury

Power: Omnipotence

The heroine of lore and goddess of the twilight. She doesn’t answer questions.


Light Gaia

Power: Omnipotence

The god of the day. He doesn’t answer questions.


    Other characters 

Rob O’ the Tyrants

Power: Aiming Skills

Rosy’s cousin and fellow runaway. He’s a skilled archer.


Old Man Owl

Power: Force Fields

Storm’s kooky grandfather and Sonic’s neighbor from the other side of the lake.


Sally Acorn

Power: Super Sight

The princess of Christmas Island in charge of tourism.


Monoe Metora

Power: Prehensility

The strange, monochrome CEO of the Ex-World Sports Company that distributes Extreme Gear. She’s related to Madotsuki Metora.


Maria Robotnik

Power: None

Born with a deadly genetic defect that left her without a power. Maria lived on the Space Colony Ark until her death at age 12.


Charlie “Omochao” O’Molly

Power: Omniglot

A talkative announcer and huge fan of The Chao Garden.