Awesome: From Fake Dreams

  • Chapter 16:
    "Get off my property." Rin growled as she pulled the trigger.
    My body is made of blades...Fire is my blood… and Glass is my heart...Through countless battles I forever wait, alone on the hill of blades…… For Hell's hands to bear…… For Heaven's hands to temper…
  • Chapter 17:
    • Shirou was so Badass in the last chapter that he gets offered the 10th DAA seat and a scholarship to the Association.
      • Made even more Awesome if you consider who made these offers. Namely Merem Solomon(20th Dead Apostle Ancestor) and Lorelei Barthomeloi(The Queen of Clocktower).
  • Chapter 22:
  • Chapter 25:
    • Sakura holds her own against Marjatta.
  • Chapter 26:
  • Chapter 27:
    • Bazett and Lancer attack Ryudo temple, and are utterly humiliated by Assassin. Witch!Medea's description shows how magnificent he had been:
    Lancer, who had by himself managed to put up a good fight against both versions of Medea of Colchis at the same time and had only retreated due to being overwhelmed by her counterpart's Bulls of Aeaea, had been defeated in five seconds.
    Before she had even realized what was going on, having been preoccupied with her research inside the mountain, her Servant had dealt exceptional damage to both Master and Servant without even revealing himself, forcing them to retreat.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Assassin pretty much screws up Archer and Rider with ease.
  • Chapter 31:
    • Assassin demolished Zouken's workshop and nearly killed him, driving him to desperation with embarrassing ease.
    • Not to mention Sakura actually fighting back against the Shadow after realizing what was going on.
  • Chapter 32:
  • Chapter 33:
    • The whole battle itself.
    • Assassin's Identity.
  • Chapter 36:
    • When Assassin does good on the Word of God that "he is the Servant that fucks up everyone's plans" and dispatches Berserker, albeit not permanently, in front of Ilya.