YMMV / From Fake Dreams

  • Arc Fatigue: The Grail War as a whole feels this because of the number of times Witch!Caster cheated death out of pure dumb luck on her part, or bad luck on the protagonists' part. It didn't help she was sitting on an actual "Blow up everything" button, KNEW it and was WILLING to use it.
  • Base-Breaking Character: There are a lot of people who dislike Sirius, and a lot of people who will defend him.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: At first, Rin is Entertainingly Wrong when she thinks Archer is a future version of the Shirou she knows. It's no longer funny when she learns the truth and becomes mentally unstable and emotionally destroyed over what she learns about him and the implications that she would be an utter failure at helping the man she loves, a mission she devoted herself to when she learned how "distorted" Shirou is.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Assassin!Kiritsugu was a Base-Breaking Character for a number of fans... but then guess who showed up in Fate/Grand Order as Assassin!EMIYA?
    • Gen Urobuchi holds the view that Kiritsugu and his ideals are part of the abstract gestalt that has/will become the Hero EMIYA, giving a literal meaning to Shirou taking up his father's mantle... And given that Heroic Spirits are too complex entities to materialize in their full glory and power, and forced to assume A Form You Are Comfortable With in the human world, it is not that much of a stretch of belief to think that Witch!Caster inadvertently invoked a specific aspect of the bigger Heroic Spirit EMIYA. Plus, in what might be an unintended bit of Fridge Brilliance, in the fic proper, Princess!Caster gets invoked as an improbable aspect of herself that never became the Witch of Betrayal, probably because of Luvia's mindset that wants to redeem Kiritsugu as a hero and started his very own legend in this timeline.
    • With the advent of Fate/Grand Order, Medea Lily and Assassin Kiritsugu are now canon.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Medea turns her Master into a living wand—which involves putting her in a test-tube, unable to scream or move.
    • Chapter 37 mentions a Sealing Designate who tried to make Pokemon. Harmless, right? Then we get to know what happened when they found it:
      • One intern had made the mistake of trying to pet one of the little monstrosities. A little yellow rat. After she had been electrocuted with enough amperage to literally fry her heart, nerves and brain, no one else had hesitated in crushing every little mistake that met their eyes into a chunky red paste.
    • Incidentally, Zelretch just so happened to have visited before they were created.
    • Shirou being a very unique hybrid case of... an Incarnation of the sword element, a Living Apostle, with taint from dragon blood, divine blood, and protected by a very powerful Fae artifact... This makes for a very peculiar regeneration process when all of these bits work together to fix his body as it gets broken in more and more... creative ways. For example, the sight of him regenerating a blown up heart out of blades causes every Servant on the scene to pause in abject incomprehension or outright disgust. Even outright monsters like Rider.
  • OT3: Rin seems to be aiming for this with herself, Sakura, and Shirou.
    • Though Word of God states it will become a harem, eventually.