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Anime: Shamanic Princess
Our heroine and her "friends", ladies and gentlemen

Shamanic Princess, a six episode Original Video Animation series from The Nineties, provides an early example of a Darker and Edgier Magical Girl: the OVA picks up one of the oldest anime character tropes (the Cute Witch), makes a quick stop at Magical Girl Warrior, and heads directly into Psychological Horror territory without looking back. While the OVA uses a shojo narrative (focused on relationships and personal growth), it caters to the male Periphery Demographic so well (the fight scenes look impressive and fanservice abounds) that the OVA ceases to have a periphery demographic.

The story follows the titular shamanic princess, Tiara — a remarkably capable (and stripperiffic) Cute Witch who works as a special agent for the Guardian World — as she goes to Earth as an Ordinary High-School Student (in a French Boarding School, no less) to recover the Throne of Yord, a mystical artifact stolen from her world. Her mission becomes complicated when she discovers a terrible secret surrounding the artifact — and when some of Tiara's friends and colleagues from her magical world fight her to keep her from retrieving it. The Throne of Yord does not serve as a mere MacGuffin to the story, as Tiara soon discovers...

Those who know of Shamanic Princess remember the OVA for its Mind Screwery and its somewhat-infamous non-linear storytelling (which drops the viewer into the action with little explanation and shows the circumstances that caused it all to occur as a 2 episode flashback after the story's conclusion).

Shamanic Princess contains examples of the following tropes:

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