Characters / Shamanic Princess


Voiced by: Sayuri Yamauchi (Japanese), Tara Sands (English)


Voiced by: Mitsuki Yayoi (Japanese), Suzy Prue (English)


Voiced by: Tomo Sakurai (Japanese), Mary Anne Towne (English)


Voiced by: Koichi Yamadera (Japanese), Crispin Freeman (English)


Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese), P.M. Lewis (English)


Voiced by: Hiro Yuki (Japanese), Alvaro J. Gonzalez (English)


Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese), Tristan Goddard (English)

  • Bodyguard Crush: He exists to protect Tiara, and has some...issues with her boyfriend Kagetsu.
  • Cool Mask: A pretty unique one that covers the left half of his face vertically.
  • Cute Monster Girl: A Spear Counterpart - Graham is a cute Gothic horror monster.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Graham is not the same after his painful failure to confess his feelings to Tiara. It's not clear if he's simply being reckless or if he as a death wish, but he seems relieved when Kagetsu nullifies him.
  • Rubber Man: Graham attacks by splitting his arms into tentacles.
  • Yandere: Clearly loves and wants to protect Tiara, and will kill anyone he sees as a threat.

The Throne of Yord

Voiced by: Rokuro Naya (Japanese), Tristan Goddard (English)

Apolline Faria, Mimi Joyman and Susanna White

Voiced by: Tomoko Maruo, Yuka Imai, Akiko Nakagawa (Japanese), Wendy Walker (Apolline), Rachael Lillis (Mimi and Susanna) (English)