Analysis / Red Oni, Blue Oni

Possible varieties of "Red Oni, Blue Oni" dynamic

As the main page says, in Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic, Red is usually more emotional and Hot-Blooded, while Blue is calmer and more prone to thinking before acting. However, many varieties are possible. Here are some of them, organized as "red — blue":
  • The McCoyThe Spock: Pretty much the basic set-up. Red is emotional and acts before he thinks, while Blue is rational and thinks before he acts. Presented with hostage situation, Red will immediately send in the SWAT teams and Blue will try negotiations first.
  • Stock Shonen HeroStock Shonen Rival: The purest expression of this trope in Animeland. Red is the spirited, carefree Idiot Hero who believes in The Power of Friendship, while Blue is the aloof, pessimistic Grumpy Bear who chooses to work alone.
  • More DakkaAwesomeness by Analysis: Might be military setting. In this case, Red believes that sufficient firepower will end up breaking the enemy, while Blue exploits weaknesses in the enemies defenses. When they have to enter the room, Red will blow up the door, while Blue will use the air vents.
  • Confusion Fu User — Cold Sniper: Possible in The Squad. The Red in this case prefers close combat, while Blue strikes from distance with surgical precision. If attacked, Red will immediately strike back and Blue will try to back off into more advantageous position.
  • KeetShrinking Violet: School settings, family settings and similar. Red is cheerful, energetic and friends with everyone or almost everyone, while Blue avoids people and doesn't feel well around them. When at new school, Red will sit in the front and ask questions to everybody, while Blue will sit in back corner and pick everything up as he goes.
  • Glass CannonStone Wall: Settings with combat. Red charges to the battle with little to no defense and stays alive by the seat of his pants through split-second dodges, thinking on his feet, while Blue prefers slow, methodical approach that nevertheless breaks the enemy down.
  • Genki GirlEmotionless Girl: School and family settings. Red is energetic, overly emotional and impulsive and Blue is serene, silent and blending in with the background. When late, Red will cry, apologize on her knees and keep on talking about it and Blue will quietly and formally apologize.
  • Na´ve NewcomerBroken Ace: Organizations. Red is idealistic and full of ideas he wants to put into action, while Blue has spent his time in the organization and is rather disillusioned. When the situation is impossible to win, Red will fight against it, while Blue will back off and accept defeat.
    • This can be significant for applying for work. Red would rush into signing up for jobs that they are likely not qualified for and would be extremely upset and disheartened if they didn't get the job. Blue would carefully choose jobs perhaps a little uncertain and would ask advice, if they didn't get the job they would understand and try again blaming him/herself for the mistake mildly.
  • Unstoppable RageTranquil Fury: Mostly combat settings. In this case, Red often has Hair-Trigger Temper and when annoyed, bursts out in absolute, shrieking fury, while Blue takes time to break, and then it seems that his mind jumps into higher gear with a single focus in mind. When taunted too much, Red will punch the opponent until there's nothing left, and Blue will calmly kill him with one strike.
  • Agent MulderAgent Scully: Both crime and school settings. Here Red readily believes even the wildest theories, while Blue is more mundane, down to earth and prefers rational explanation. Much like X-Files' Mulder and Scully, when confronted with mysterious murder, Red will start looking for proof of aliens, while Blue will check existing explanations first.
  • Gentle Touch -- Firm Hand: Offering guidance. Red believes in handling things with warm hugs, encouraging words, and Open Mindedness, whereas Blue approaches things with harsh lessons, fantasy forbidding, and strict enforcement of the rules.
  • Bad Cop -- Good Cop: Crime settings. Red is no-nonsense, expects quick results and believes that violence is the best option, while Blue tries to understand and be nice, believing that all can be solved calmly. When facing Powder Keg Crowd, Red will use water cannons while Blue will try Shaming the Mob.
  • Manly Man -- Sensitive Guy: Romance and action. Red is strong, macho and self-confident, while Blue is aware of his own shortcomings and more shy. When they want to start dating a girl, Red will try to impress her and Blue will buy her flowers.
  • Veronica -- Betty: Romance setting. Red is more exotic, wild and outspoken and Blue is calm, somewhat dull and less attractive. When on a date, Red will use She's Got Legs and Absolute Cleavage to her advantage, while Blue will start a conversation and express interest in the boy.
  • Performer -- Technician: Every setting. Red does everything impulsively, without plan, relying on his instinct. Blue makes a plan and trains to do all perfectly. When writing a book, Red just sits down and writes, making all up as he goes, while Blue first spends hours on designing characters and the world.
  • Force -- Finesse: Mostly combat settings. Red prefers raw power to overcome his opposition, while Blue prefers deadly precision. In martial arts settings, Red will prefer a hard style that focuses on strength, while Blue will choose a style that targets the weak points of the enemy or uses his strength against him. Red will more often than not wield a BFS, while Blue will choose a weapon such as the katana or the rapier that will allow him to strike with precision.
  • VikingSamurai: A historical comparison. Red (the Viking) will bully and invade foreigners to get what they want using ruthless acts and intimidation regardless of who they harass. Blue (the Samurai) will first weaken their enemies by ruining their governments and army before even considering invasion.
  • StrengthStealth: Most settings (especially Videogames and Real Life). Red will often charge into a situation, demanding an explanation or carelessly use the strongest weapons and low-brow tactics to get the job done. Blue would rather hide and keep out of his opponents line of view, using patience and feeling the situation out before making a move despite Red often mocking his choice of combat.
  • Cowboy CopBy-the-Book Cop: Cop in field operation. Usually Red tend to be passionate and act impulsively to make the crime submission and tend to be aggressive, while the Blue try to be careful and analyse the situation and as possible try to minimize the reckless movement in the operation and try to follow the procedure as good as possible.
  • Playing with FireAn Ice Person: The classic Fire/Ice Duo. Usually Red will play with fire, usually fire damage the enemies only externally and till internal organ and less effective which will need more firepower to kill the enemies till ash. While Blue will use Ice, even though ice isn't as destructive as fire, Ice usually damage the internal part of the enemies organ which make their bodies defense dropped critically which make them more fragile and quicker to destroy without damaging the external skin. Fire tend to make painful noise while Ice make more silent pain.
    • Playing with FireMaking a Splash: Elemental effects. Again the Red will play with fire utterly incinerating his unlucky adversaries to death in arsenic fury and destruction. However Blue may drown his foes in water, water itself may take time to potentially kill someone (or something). But even fire can't comprehend how versatile and powerful its strength can be. Drowning, crushing, sweeping and suffocating would make Blue (in this case) a lot more threatening plus let's not forgot the healing factor of water and the truth that our bodies are more or less mostly water too...scary.
  • Blow You AwayDishing Out Dirt: Elemental effects. Referring to the speed of Air and the defensive capabilities of Earth. Red manipulating air would often be more flexible, swift and maybe a little teasing to their opponents yet could only do multiple cuts and quick damage (or to the extreme choking their opponents via sucking oxygen from them). Blue manipulating earth may focus on strong, forceful attacks yet still have defense to back them up. Earth may be slow and predictable but its sheer size and creativity makes up for it.
  • Playing with FireShock and Awe: In combat or fantasy settings, there may be a Lightning/Fire Juxtaposition. The red oni will be using fire (see above examples) and the blue oni will use lightning, in a manner akin to Chain Lightning.
  • TomboyGirly Girl: Female fashion. Red would mostly lean towards the more boyish styles and attitudes (not saying all do, but bare with me). Red loves being "One of the Boys" and would trade most mannerly aspects for fun and wild times, fitting in with the men with an outspoken mouth and knack for getting into fights more often. Blue however, embraces the purity and humbleness of being a woman. Of course she's not completely defenseless, but would truly care for her man and support her loved ones without flexing her muscles.
  • Clueless DetectiveGreat Detective: Crime Settings. Red as a Detective would likely base his answers on crackpot theories, that may or may not be completely true. Red would instinctively blame the shiftiest suspects, without any clear evidence behind the accusation thus rushing the job. Blue on the other hand would perhaps take his time, feel the situation and ponder the clues before making any accusations. Red would solve the crime through either coincidence or "Dumb Luck" while Blue wins using patience and careful planning.
  • I LiedExact Words: A villain has someone hostage and forces an agreement with someone, only to backstab them to get what they want anyways. The former makes no secret that he wasn't planning on keeping his word while gloating about how the hero was a fool to trust an obvious trap while the latter says that the victim should have read the terms better while proclaiming that he didn't actually lie. Fittingly, the former is mostly a tactic of Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil villains while the latter is generally one of Lawful Evil villains.