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new postpinnedTranslation Efforts70Sun, 10th Aug '14 2:04:44 PM
new postGerman Translation345Wed, 15th Oct '14 3:14:49 PM
new postLatin Translation82Wed, 15th Oct '14 8:23:56 AM
new postSwedish Translation26Fri, 19th Sep '14 1:10:54 PM
new postTV Tropes in Chinese30Sun, 7th Sep '14 10:21:17 PM
new postFrench Translation197Thu, 4th Sep '14 3:16:10 AM
new postItalian translation828Sat, 2nd Aug '14 7:42:55 PM
new postRussian Translation70Thu, 17th Jul '14 11:24:45 PM
new postTropy po polsku/Tropes in Polish221Sat, 5th Jul '14 2:06:59 PM
new post "El alfiler de Eva loca" - Jose Marti- Spanish to English translation3Wed, 2nd Jul '14 10:28:33 AM
new postTranslation request thread ( Spanish)4Wed, 2nd Jul '14 10:11:59 AM
new postTraductores en español714Sat, 31st May '14 4:55:16 PM
new postTranslate from english to romanian4Thu, 23rd Jan '14 3:16:08 PM
new postTV Tropes Indonesia??23Sat, 19th Oct '13 10:49:05 AM
new postArabic Translations?19Sat, 10th Aug '13 7:56:22 PM
new postEsperanto Translation1Mon, 10th Jun '13 8:41:03 AM
new postPortuguese Translation12Tue, 12th Mar '13 8:58:25 PM
new postTrope Renames and Wick updating on non-English pages1Tue, 29th Jan '13 3:53:48 PM
new postKlingon Translation1Fri, 14th Dec '12 7:49:57 PM
new postJapanese and Kanji20Fri, 14th Dec '12 4:21:31 PM
new postTranslating into newspeak5Fri, 14th Dec '12 4:11:31 PM
new postThree Articles Need A Proper Page (German, Finnish, and Spanish)2Mon, 23rd Jul '12 2:06:06 AM
new postFinnish translation4Fri, 20th Apr '12 2:39:04 PM
new postHebrew translation8Sat, 31st Mar '12 2:12:08 PM
new postHelp! Can't access other versions!3Tue, 29th Nov '11 11:04:54 AM
new postNeeding quality English/Portuguese translation 1Fri, 9th Sep '11 9:46:33 AM
new postKorean Translation1Wed, 17th Aug '11 2:47:25 AM
new postspanish translations should go in neutral spanish.11Sat, 13th Aug '11 10:44:43 AM
new postLanguage forums?35Thu, 12th May '11 1:52:24 PM
new postSpanish Index on English article?5Sat, 19th Feb '11 10:35:58 PM
new postHungarian Translation - Magyar fordítás17Tue, 1st Feb '11 9:28:30 AM
1 pages in this list

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