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Hello all,

I'm interested in starting a Hebrew translation, at least of the homepage and tropes of legends, for now. I've tested Hebrew on the Homepages index, and it seems fine - not aligned to the right, though, and that's the main problem.

I haven't edited much yet, and don't have enough experience with Wiki code. Is it possible to align an entire page to the right?
Some development would have to be done first. Give it a day or so.
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Thank you!

Please note that merely aligning to the right might not be enough (it depends on the encoding, I think). Sometimes, in some sites, the sentence remains "logically" English, and the dot (or exclamation mark, as in the case of the Homepages page) remains to the right of the sentence.
Try this: [[rtl:Your text goes here.]]

Should do this:

Your text goes here.

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Seems to be working just fine! As I understand it, I now need a flag icon for Hebrew? The letter code is HE, btw.

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Is this Biblical or Modern Hebrew?
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it's...extremely modern.

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Modern modern indeed.
Well, I don't have much free time, but I'm willing to contribute to this.
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