Help! Can't access other versions!:

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For some reason, I don't see the flags and just find a way to see the versions in other languages. I don't know what happened, all was fine before. I would appreciate help.
I'm a lurker, baby!
It's been like this for months. At least for me... I tried asking about it some time ago, but I got no answers. I thought there were some problems with the code, as sometimes unexpected errors would pop up, like double flags. Nowadays, we (as in, the Italian translators) don't event put the code for the flag anymore.
And anyway, pardon my not-that-good English.
3 MidnightMan29th Nov 2011 11:04:54 AM from Northern Germany
We're currently discussing two ideas elsewhere on these forums which would provide inter-language links without any changes on the Wiki's code. Don't know which of them we'll roll out and when.
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Total posts: 3