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TV Tropes in Chinese:

I posted the following in Yak Fest a long time ago coz I didn't know any better.

关于Trope, Tropers的翻译,本人在此献丑一下:

Trope: 文路,套路,故事套路,文学套路

Troper/Tropers: 套路粉丝,寻套人,找套的,寻文路者,找文路的,文路粉丝

(These are just off the top of my head. Please build upon them. We need a good Chinese name for this cool joint.)

BTW: 比喻 means metaphor.

PS: Mind if I join? I'm fully bilingual, and I consider myself a self-styled linguist (academia doesn't exactly look eye to eye with me).
First thing first, welcome to the thread!

With regards to "trope", no offense, I think we should stick to 哏 (gén) in the modern sense, as it brings the meaning of 桥段, which I think fits better than 套路 anyway. Plus, it's only one word and therefore by default, cooler then the rest. belting out a high A.
Mind-Altering Substance
No, actually, Chinese tends to favor 2-character phrases. Balance and all that.
I beg to differ on that. I don't think a lot of people share that thought. From what I can see, they actually like conciseness more. Usually a two-character phrase denotes a mixed characteristic of both characters, like 翅膀 (wings + upper arm/shoulder), 吉祥 (luck + auspice), etc.

Also, pray tell what you mean by balance. belting out a high A.
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