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So, anyone else fluent in the language either naturally or from reading manga?
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I believe already existing threads will be mived here. There's already a Japanese thread in Yack Fest. (Two, I think)
I'm early in my second semester.

I doubt anyone has ever learned it from Anime or Manga.
4 SpainSun20th Jan 2011 02:38:24 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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Not really possible to learn conversational Japanese from manga.
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5 Grain20th Jan 2011 02:50:08 PM from South Northwest Earth
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I used to study Japanese for fun. I can say and write much more than "this is a pen," but I wouldn't call myself fluent. I can enunciate well, according to Japanese people, but I don't have enough vocabulary to keep conversation. Doing geeky things like anime/manga can help your vocabulary, but it won't teach you grammar. My anime songs were a big motivator in learning new grammar, 'cause there's a new conjugation or verb combination or particle in every song.

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I think that this thread should be renamed. It should say something about anime and manga.
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I'm just now finishing my second year of Japanese. I suppose it's not much, but if anyone needs any help and nobody fluent is around, then I'm here if you need me.
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Is this thing still going on? I speak Japanese as my first language, and I'd love to help.
I speak decent japanese. I can help :)
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Last I checked this wasn't happening unless/until the coding of the wiki was actually capable of supporting kanji.
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How do you say "There is nothing to worry about." in Japanese? Both Japanese and English pronounciation would be great.
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shinpai suru koto wa nanimo nai yo

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I need a couple lines translated to Japanese (English pronunciation, if possible). The speaker is a girl talking to another girl, and they're friendly with each other. If that matters.

Hello, Akane! It's been a while. Who's the boy?

He's nice. Are you dating him?

So is that a yes?

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久しぶりですネ, あかねちゃん! この男の子はだれですか.

(Hisashiburi desu ne, Akane-chan! Kono otoko-no-ko wa dare desu ka?)

いい人ですネ. 彼氏ですか.

(Ii hito desu ne. Kareshi desu ka?)

ならば, 本当に彼氏ですネう.

(Naraba, hontōni kareshi desu nē?)-(This roughly translates to: "So, he really is your boyfriend, right?")

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I thought the "translations" topic was about translating TV Trope articles.
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[up][up] While I am doing Japanese in school, I can't help but notice that on the third line the ne is in katakana. And you have a U next to it? tongue

Is this something I have yet to learn about?

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18 KarjamP1st Oct 2012 08:33:07 AM from South Africa , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Please can we talk about translating TV Tropes into Japanese instead of talking about the language itself?
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Alright I was just clarifying...
It seems we are in a BEARY GRIZZLY situation.
I want to do this. I will begin to post the Japanese names of series were I think such might be relevant.

I will also do the same for some characters.

I would like to follow some sort of guidelines or something, so if someone could offer any advice about it, it would be great.
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21 HallowHawk7th Apr 2015 01:46:04 PM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
Are the translations in here correct?

Also, sorry for re-starting this thread.
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