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  • Acceptable Targets:
  • Broken Base:
    • The "THE LEAFY RANT" video. To get a general understanding, Ethan called out YouTuber LeafyIsHere for his "click-bait" videos and "mocking" young kids by using words such as "CRINGE" and the like, especially after Leafy's video on a YouTuber with autism caused some of his users to send death threats to him. Many people were split with defending Leafy's videos while others criticized Ethan considering his own reaction videos. Although we don't go more into detail, Ethan did later on admit the video was badly made, but only unlisted it due to its low view count.
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    • Recent episodes. They're either as enjoyable as ever, or have gone through Seasonal Rot with a lack of energy from Ethan. The set is also a bit of a split subject, with some not minding and other feeling it takes away the feel of earlier episodes, not unlike that of recent JonTron (Incidentally, Jon and h3h3 are on friendly terms).
    • The h3h3 Podcast as well. Is it a good way for Ethan and Hila to chat with multiple people and close friends, or is it an excuse to make "cringy" jokes and Ethan attempting to act like a higher authority over Youtube? The infamous "California Family" podcast was not a good one for the series due to the creepy events of the story and Ethan and the guest were making jokes about it while Hila was uncomfortably trying to enforce the seriousness of the situation.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Suggesting that since the wage gap has been closed, white people should work on closing the rape gap by going out and getting... well, you know.
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  • Fandom Rivalry: A rather odd one; many h3h3 fans ended up in one against David Richter, also known as Reactor, due to a satirical video he made supposedly condemning Ethan and calling him out as an “Illegal Criminal”. Funny enough, Ethan hasn’t made any comments on it, and Richter himself notes that people subscribed to both of them seemed in on the joke, not to mention that he admits to doubting that Ethan would try any attacks on him, unlike similar stunts involving GradeAUnderA.
  • Fountain of Memes: Nearly everything ever said, references or things on the show have become a meme to one degree or another. Much like fellow YouTuber and friend Filthy Frank, as well as occasional collaborator JonTron.
  • Growing the Beard: While it was there from day one, Ethan's signature brand of humor really started to develop around the time the show started using its introduction sequence.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In February 2016, Ethan made a video roasting YouTube/Facebook "prankster" Soflo Antonio, who responded by sending threatening emails of suing h3h3 for the video. Ethan made another video mocking the entire situation and then daring Soflo to follow up on his threat, which he apparently never did which made all the previous threats one big joke. Flash forward to May 2016 and Ethan and Hila are now facing real legal action from another YouTuber, Matt "Bold Guy" Hoss. The video they put out addressing it makes it clear that this is no laughing matter and they are legitimately scared about how much the ordeal will cost them financially and emotionally. Thankfully, they would later go on to win the lawsuit, but things got quite serious for a while.
    • "My Epic Collab With Pewdiepie!!", a Cringe Comedy sketch which has PewDiePie being a total Jerk Ass to Ethan (who is Jewish to boot) was released just a week before Felix's antisemitism controversy. It gets to the point of referencing the video that would end up being his Role-Ending Misdemeanor as something that had put him in a delicate situation.
    • "Driving 450 mph in a Lamborghini", where Ethan and Hila visit Speed Vegas, becomes this when months after the video was uploaded, a person crashed a Lambo into the wall there and killed himself and the instructor.
    • In Ethan Becomes an Inventor, he notes how the Hushme makes you look like "Bane, who is about to suicide bomb a library." Just mere hours after the video was published, a suicide bombing happened at a concert venue in Manchester, England.
    • “Subscribing To Pewdiepie for Revenge” features Ethan contributing to the “sub to Pewdiepie” meme by reading out a joke death threat he received in the email threatening to shoot a missile at his house and subscribing to Pewdiepie as “revenge”. Only a few hours after the video was posted, a shooter in New Zealand gunned down a mosque, with his words before the attack being the same meme.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many fans feel that the reaction videos are by far the highlight of the channel, although that's not to say that the other videos are disliked or unpopular.
  • Moment of Awesome: The fact that they actually got to meet the DJ Khaled. He had some chefs prepare dinner for them and Ethan and Hila showed him their mockumentary about him, which he found to be funny.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Many viewers admit that they love the way Ethan says the word "dude." Which is a good thing, considering how often he says it.
  • Nausea Fuel: To some, Ethan's coughing could be this or a Most Annoying Sound.
    • Every time Ethan has to show his stomach (or FUPA).
    • "The Sea Monsters of Youtube". Best to watch on an empty stomach
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In their reaction video to Allison Gold's ABCDEFG music video, there are several shots of Hila and Ethan grinning madly into the camera with photo-negative colors as eerie music plays.
    • The way they distort the faces in the first Joey Salads reaction video is very disturbing to look at, with every facial part enlarged individually that makes Joey and co. resemble realistic Mr. Potato Heads.
    • Ethan and Hila don Whiteface in their video on "Digital Blackface." Hila looks pretty creepy, but with the light shining on Ethan, he looks downright terriying.
    • During their podcast with Post Malone, Ethan and Hila were tweeted by a fan in regards to Patrice Wilson (the man behind Allison Gold's ABCDEFG) and how he recently had been acting erratically on his Youtube channel and had their channel name in a livestream, sparking their interest. Said livestream's creepy nature scared the three of them as a result. Granted the livestreams that counted to December 1st proven to just be something unrelated and less nightmare fuel like but still.
  • Tear Jerker: The part of the Goodbye New York video when they are saying goodbye to JonTron. Especially the fact that Jon repeatedly states that he hasn't accepted that they are leaving and he thinks they'll be back in six months. It seems to have cemented their status as True Companions.
    • "It's never the right time to say goodbye"
    • Watching a usually chilled out and positive person like Post Malone look like he's about to break into tears while discussing Lil Peep's death on the podcast.
    • Watch Steve-O's reactions in the Daddy-O-Five video. While he's quick to laugh at Ethan's jokes, you can see in his eyes that he is legitimately sad and disturbed for Cody, the target of the invisible ink prank.
  • Yoko Oh No: Completely, wonderfully averted. Hila is every bit as beloved by fans as Ethan himself due to how well they play off each other.