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YMMV / Super Smash Bros. Crusade

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  • Awesome Music: The devs have original composers on their team, and they're talented:
  • Better Than Canon:
    • This game is considered to do several things better than Sakurai himself, such as finally giving Ganondorf an accurate moveset while the one in the main series is still considered The Artifact.
    • Wario's voice as of the 0.9.4 update largely uses clips from Wario World. This has been very well-received as Wario World is considered to have one of the best portrayals of the character.
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  • Default Setting Syndrome: Yes, there are items in the game, but it takes some players a while to figure it out as they're turned off by default.
  • Growing the Beard: v0.9, when the biggest grievance most people had against it — the graphics quality, or lack thereof — finally began to get addressed. In addition, the game began to further distance itself mechanically from the official Super Smash Bros. games at this stage, introducing its own variant on the Air Dodge which is reminiscent of Project M Lucario's modified Double Team move.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Who could have guessed that Pac-Man, Duck Hunt Dog and Ryu would actually make it into Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U?
    • Ridley is now playable as of Ultimate.
    • In addition, in Ultimate, Little Mac's Final Smash in that game is nearly identical to the one in this game, the exception being that he transforms into Giga Mac in the former.
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    • And looks like Final Smash activated by the gauge is a thing in Ultimate as well!
    • Petey Piranha as a playable character in this game became this when the first DLC fighter for Ultimate was announced: a normal Piranha Plant, with Petey himself being its Final Smash.
  • Pandering to the Base:
    • A likely reason for adding characters such as Ridley, Krystal, Geno, Porky, Klonoa, Shantae, commonly requested characters absent in Super Smash Bros. (except for Ridley in Ultimate), and Crash Bandicoot, a commonly requested character conspicuously absent in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
    • It also extends to changes within the existing roster: Mario's Mario Tornado returns instead of FLUDD, Ganondorf has been heavily reworked to actually use his abilities from his home series instead of being a Moveset Clone of Captain Falcon, several of Sonic's moves have been altered to reference Sonic Battle and he has a different side special, the list goes on.
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  • Polished Port: The mechanics have been brought over pretty well, and the addition of things like an official combo system and a Mana Meter has proven to be a nice touch.
  • That One Level: Classic mode, much like in the official Smash games, is an arcade mode styled gauntlet of fighters and special challenges for players to run through. One of these challenges is always a battle with a metal opponent. While normally a cakewalk in the official smash games, the amount of staying power that the opponents here possess can be quite ludicrous at times, with foes staying around for as high as 200% before getting starting to get knocked away any further. Couple that with Crusade's great recoveries across the whole roster, and that more opponents show up on higher difficulties, this could turn into a rather annoying challenge overall.
  • Unexpected Character: There are many truly unexpected fighters currently in Crusade, and most likely, those will not be the only ones seen. For the curious, Weegee is likely the biggest oddball to check out, as is Goomba.