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Characters in the Super Smash Bros. fangame Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Note that characters who are already in the official Smash games will share tropes with their official portrayals unless noted.

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Super Mario Bros. (and its sub-series)

  • Fireballs: Uses his Fire Flower-granted fireballs for his neutral-B. These bounce along the ground but are a fairly standard projectile otherwise.
  • Human Hammer-Throw: His back throw has him wind up his opponent with a few spins and then throw them, much like in Super Mario 64's Bowser fights. In reference to this, using Mario's back throw on Bowser himself sometimes has him exclaim "So long, King Bowser!"
  • Shoryuken: His Super Jump Punch is essentially a standard dragon punch without spinning.
  • Shotoclone: Has equivalents for the Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki in his Fireball, Super Jump Punch, and Mario Tornado.
  • Spin Attack: As opposed to FLUDD which has been his canon down-B since Brawl, Mario retains the Tornado from 64 and Melee as his down-B in this fangame.

  • Ass Kicks You: Throws his real end out as the finisher of his jab combo.
  • Shock and Awe: His Fireballs are changed to lightning balls in reference to the Thunderhand from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
  • Shoryuken: His Super Jump Punch. Like always, he must sweet spot the move at point blank for it to do anything, otherwise it does minimal damage and knockback while Luigi is helpless.
  • Shotoclone: By virtue of having similar specials as Mario, he functions as an alternative base Shoto for the game.
  • Spin Attack: Has his Luigi Cyclone for down-B, which can give Luigi a good burst movement and therefore approach opponents.
  • Weapons That Suck: As of the 0.9.4 update, Luigi uses his Poltergust for his grab. Not the Suction Shot he uses in Ultimate, but the actual vaccuum, complete with a windbox.

  • Ass Kicks You: Does this in her Peach Bomber Side-B and back-air.
  • Edible Ammunition: Can pull out a variety of vegetables from Super Mario Bros. 2 for her Down-B, which lets her throw them as any other throwable item. Each different expression has a certain damage and knockback value, with the "stitchface" being the most deadly.
  • Human Shield: Notable in that due to the usual Toad being Promoted to Playable, Peach instead uses her Old Retainer Toadsworth for her Neutral-B. It otherwise functions the same.
  • Parasol Parachute: Pulls out her signature parasol for her up-B, allowing her to float slowly downwards.

  • Promoted to Playable: In canonical Smash games, he only functions as an Assist Character to Peach. Crusade makes him fully playable with the best of them.

    Petey Piranha 
  • Blow You Away: He can use his leafy arms to create tornadoes that forcibly bring the opponent closer to him.
  • Man Bites Man: Many of his attacks have him biting with his large Piranha Plant mouth. His Down-B in particular has him take an opponent into his mouth, chew on them, then spit them out.
  • Promoted to Playable: Merely a boss in Brawl, and as of Ultimate, a Final Smash for Piranha Plant, Crusade makes him a full-fledged playable character.
  • Sticky Situation: His neutral-B lets him spit a blob of goop on the stage, impeding movement of opponents standing on it for a short time and dealing Damage Over Time.
  • Video Game Flight: He has five midair jumps and can even float like Peach thanks to his leaf arms.

  • Breath Weapon: Can breathe a stream of fire as per canon.
  • Ground Pound: His Bowser Bomb, which is a straight stall-then-fall in the air, but a leap-then-pound on the ground.
  • Truer to the Text: Albeit only aesthetically. His voice clips use his Voice Grunting from the Mario games and spin-offs as opposed to the stock grunts used in canon.
  • Use Your Head: For his forward-Smash, he delivers the massive headbutt from Melee and Brawl as opposed to his dropkick from 3DS/Wii U. Notably, it uses a Dragon Ball Z "heavy hit" sound, making it one of the few non-Goku attacks to use this effect.

    Dr. Mario 
  • Abnormal Ammo: Substitutes Megavitamin pills for fireballs just like in the canon Smash games.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: In addition to some divergence brought in from Ultimate such as his new back throw and down-air, his up-B uses a custom variation of the Super Jump Punch from 3DS/Wii U with fire properties while his Dr. Tornado has ice properties. The 0.9.4 update additionally diverges his and Mario's voice clips, with many of Mario's coming from his various games while Doc retains the voice used in the canon Smash games.
  • Spin Attack: Dr. Tornado, which is changed to have ice properties.

  • Dance Battler: His down-Smash as of the 0.9.4 update has him do the splits while doing a disco point and holding a rose in his mouth.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: In tribute to his debut in the original Mario Tennis, some of his attacks use his tennis racket. His neutral-B even consists of him serving a tennis ball.

  • Action Commands: In line with his home game and rest of the Mario RPGs, most of his attacks do more damage if the A or B button is pressed at the right time. Thankfully, the inputs and timings are indicated by a button prompt over Geno's head.
  • Arm Cannon: He has a number of armaments stored in his arms, letting him fire many projectiles.
  • Deadly Disc: His famous Geno Whirl shoots one out. Time the Action Command right (just when it leaves the stage), and it becomes a powerful kill move.

  • Armless Biped: Goombas have no arms; only legs.
  • Game Mod: Originated as such from the fan community before being brought into Crusade's official build with the 0.9.4 update.
  • Growing Wings: His Up-B has him grow the wings of a Para-Goomba, granting him four additional midair jumps.
  • Mini Mook: His neutral-B has him toss out Micro Goombas as a projectile. Much like Olimar's Pikmin, they latch onto the target and do Damage Over Time briefly.
  • Shockwave Stomp: His down-Smash has him don the Goomba's Shoe, then do a stomp, sending shockwaves to either side.

    Donkey Kong 
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: He fights purely with body attacks, no weapons or projectiles needed.
  • Charged Attack: His Neutral-B, Giant Punch, can be charged and stored to release a powerful finishing punch.
  • Ground Punch: His Down-B, Hand Slap, has him slap the ground, sending out shockwaves that launch opponents into the air.
  • Hammered into the Ground: His Side-B, Headbutt, can bury opponents, setting up a nice combo with his Smash attacks or Giant Punch.
  • Spin Attack: Spinning Kong for his Up-B recovery, which is significantly buffed from the canonical iterations by giving it more vertical and horizontal distance.
  • Truer to the Text: Much like Bowser, his voice clips as of 0.9.4 update uses his voice from his own games and the Mario spin-offs as opposed to his stock animal grunts in canon.

  • Double Jump: While all character have one, Yoshi brings in his signature Flutter Jump for his own double jump. To compensate for his otherwise weak recovery on his Up-B, it is super-armored and gains a lot of vertical distance.
  • Proj Egg Tile: Throws his signature eggs for his Up-B, and the leap he does in the air makes a fairly good last-resort recovery move.
  • Rolling Attack: His Side-B encases himself in an eggshell to roll over opponents.

  • Art Evolution: Previous versions of Crusade used recycled and customized sprites from Wario Land 4, but the 0.9.4 update gives Wario a custom-made sprite set.
  • Cool Bike: Rides his Wario Bike as his Side-B. Much like the canonical games, he drops it on the stage and he must mount it there or it must be destroyed or despawned to summon another one.
  • Fartillery: His Wario Waft for his Down-B, which slowly and passively charges up during a match and can be expended by Wario as either a powerful kill move or recovery move.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Much like in Brawl, he has his signature shoulder-first tackle for his forward Smash. As of the 0.9.4 update, Wario additionally runs forward while doing the move, making it Truer to the Text in a different way than his Dash Attack as of Ultimate.
  • Grapple Move: In lieu of his usual Chomp Neutral-B from the canon Smash games, his Neutral-B in Crusade is instead Shake, which is still a command grab that can be mashed to deal more damage.
  • Ground Pound: Does his for his down-aerial. As of the 0.9.4 update, a landed down-aerial has him exclaim "Butt Smash!" from Mario Strikers Charged.
  • Inflating Body Gag: His Up-Special used to be Puffy Wario from the Wario Land games. This was done away with in the 0.9.4 update, where it's the Corkscrew used by Wario in the canonical Smash games.

  • Parasol Parachute: Her up-aerial has her pull out an umbrella, allowing her to float slowly downwards for a short time.

The Legend of Zelda


    Toon Link 
  • Blow You Away: When used on the ground, Toon Link's Deku Leaf Up-B is used to blow a gust of wind that pushes opponents away.
  • Bow and Sword in Accord: Wields both a sword and his bow.
  • Cool Sword: Wields the Master Sword.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: To separate him further from Link, he has two new specials: his up special is the Deku Leaf, which he can use to glide or blow enemies with air, and his down special is a Bombchu, which crawls on the ground unlike Link's bombs.
  • Improvised Parachute: Uses a Deku Leaf as one for his Up-B, floating slowly downward.

  • BFS: Uses his sword from the SpaceWorld demo for many of his attacks. The 0.9.3 update in particular adds many more sword moves to his repertoire, whereas his canon moveset as of Ultimate limits it to his Smash attacks.
  • Casting a Shadow: Has several darkness-elemental attacks as per Smash tradition. Notably, he has a new rapid jab involving his "waves of darkness" from Ocarina of Time, which has a very long range compared to most jabs.
  • Choke Holds: His Flame Choke Side-B is his only special that is unchanged from his canonical Smash moveset.
  • Goomba Stomp: His down-aerial, being his only aerial not changed from his canonical Smash moveset.
  • Ground Punch: If done in the air, his down-special becomes his ground punch from Ocarina of Time. He charges his fist with electricity and drops downward, punching the ground, with the shockwave stunning the foe. His down-tilt is also changed to this, albeit darkness-elemental instead.
  • Power Floats: His walk and run have him float off the ground, showing off his magical power. His up-B and neutral-B also have him float freely for a limited time.
  • Shock and Awe: His Up-Smash has him strike his sword with lightning a la Demise, and his neutral-B is his infamous, fan-demanded Dead Man's Thunder, where he charges up a collection of lightning balls and throws them downward.
  • Sphere of Power: His neutral aerial has him cover his body in a sphere of dark energy.
  • Stab the Sky: Uses Demise's electrified Skyward Strike for his up-Smash. The lightning he summons notably spikes downward, leading into the sword itself as the strong hit.
  • Sword and Fist: While Ganondorf's moveset as of the 0.9.3 update emphasizes his magic and swordplay much more, he still keeps a few of his brawling attacks.
  • Tennis Boss: In reference to the infamous technique in the Zelda series, his Dead Man's Thunder can be reflected back with any attack, not just Perfect Shielding.
  • Truer to the Text: In response to criticism of his canonical moveset being The Artifact, Ganondorf's moveset is heavily altered to be closer in spirit to his portrayal in the Zelda series, to the point it's barely recognizable from the canonical Smash games.



  • Shock and Awe: The mascot Electric-type of course brings in a variety of electric attacks.
  • Tail Slap: A number of his moves utilize his tail, most notably his powerful Up-Smash.

  • Cast from Hit Points: All of its electrical attacks deal a bit of recoil damage.
  • Moveset Clone: As per usual, it's a lighter yet slightly stronger Pikachu with a self-damage gimmick.
  • Shock and Awe: Much like its evolved form, it's an Electric-type Pokémon that uses electric-elemental attacks.

  • Forced Sleep: Landing its Sing attack (easier said than done) will put the opponent to sleep.
  • Resting Recovery: Unlike the canonical Smash games, Jigglypuff's Rest can heal damage as it does in the proper Pokémon games.
  • Rolling Attack: Its Rollout for Neutral-B, which is a chargeable move that lets it cross major distance and deal damage on contact.

  • Casting a Shadow: As per its depiction in the canon Smash games, its psychic power is rendered as purple "shadow energy" to match its signature Shadow Ball.
  • Energy Ball: Uses the Ghost-type Shadow Ball as its neutral-B, which can be charged up.
  • Tail Slap: A good portion of its moves uses its tail, such as its back-aerial, forward-tilt, and up-tilt.
  • Video Game Flight: Much like in Project M, Mewtwo in this game can float much like Peach can.

  • Bad with the Bone: The 0.9.3 update changes its tilts to be based on Bone Rush, letting it create bones of aura to whack opponents.
  • Comeback Mechanic: Much like in the canonical Smash games, Lucario gets more powerful as it takes more damage as part of its "Aura" mechanic. Unlike those games, Crusade offers the option to turn it off.

  • Green Thumb: Uses a wide range of plant-based attacks, being a Grass-type.

  • Game Mod: Originated as such from the fan community before being brought into Crusade's official build with the 0.9.4 update.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: The method to unlock it is to break one of the Beehives from Banjo-Kazooie. This references the species's love for honey according to the Pokédex.


  • Power Copying: Unlike the canonical Smash games, Kirby's Inhale only uses abilities from his own series rather than the neutral-B of every character.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: His Vulcan Jab from the Fighter ability serves as his rapid jab finisher.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Inhales for his Neutral-B, which can either lead to Power Copying or spitting out the opponent for damage.


    Meta Knight 
  • Cool Sword: His signature Galaxia, which a yellow sword with many branches (though the branches aren't seen due to sprite limitations).
  • Tornado Move: Spins and generates a tornado for Mach Tornado, his neutral-B.


  • An Ice Person: As of the 0.9.4 update, her Up-Smash has ice properties in reference to her Ice Beam in the Metroid series.
  • Arm Cannon: Her main armament, being one of the most iconic users of this type of weapon.
  • Charged Attack: Her Charge Shot neutral-B lets her gather energy into an Energy Ball, store it, then release it as a powerful projectile.

    Zero Suit Samus 
  • Put on a Bus: While present in earlier builds, she was cut from later updates so that the development team could bring her spritework up to par. She is still planned to return in a later update.



  • Batter Up!: Uses his main baseball bat weapon from EarthBound exclusively for his forward-Smash.
  • Energy Absorption: Ness can absorb energy-based projectiles to recover his health with PSI Magnet, his Down-B.
  • Light 'em Up: His PK Flash, which is his neutral-B, allows him to charge a burst of light before releasing it in a powerful explosion. The projectile itself notably has much more mobility than it does in the canonical Smash games, allowing him to direct it upwards or downward in addition to side-to-side.
  • Playing with Fire: His Side-B, PK Fire, casts a multi-hitting geyser of fire to entrap opponents.
  • PSI Blast: His Final Smash is his signature PK Rockin' from EarthBound instead of the PK Starstorm that he never uses canonically.
  • Shock and Awe: His Up-B, PK Thunder, allows him to create a guided missile of electricity. Make him hit himself, and it launches him in the direction he did so, making a very unorthodox recovery move.

  • An Ice Person: Taking inspiration from Project M, Lucas in this game moves PK Freeze to his side-B in order to differentiate him further from Ness.

  • Spider Tank: Based on his depiction from Mother 3, an aged Porky rides around in a bed attached to a spider mecha.

Star Fox

  • Attack Reflector: His Down-B, Reflector, creates a projectile-reflecting shield.
  • Barrier Warrior: Reflector, also known as the Shine due to Melee's community, can be used as an effective edgeguarding tool and get-off move.
  • Flash Step: His Side-B, Fox Illusion, has him dash forward in an instant, leaving Speed Echoes and damaging enemies in the way.
  • Ray Gun: Has a Blaster for his neutral-B. It can be rapid-fired, but it does not flinch opponents, mainly making it used for tacking on small bits of damage at a time.
  • Wreathed in Flames: His Up-B, Fire Fox, has him pause to charge up flames then dash in any direction as controlled by the Control Stick.

  • Attack Reflector: His Down-B, Reflector, creates a projectile-reflecting shield, just like Fox's.
  • Barrier Warrior: The Crusade version of Falco's Reflector notably composites the Melee and Brawl-and-on versions of the move. Simply holding down B will do the Melee version with the held reflector, but quickly pressing B again will have Falco kick the Reflector out like a boomerang much like in later games.
  • Flash Step: His Side-B, Falco Phantasm, has him instantly dash forward like Fox, but it Meteor Smashes opponents if used on them in midair.
  • Moveset Clone: Has modified versions of all of Fox's specials, but most of his normal animations are different much like the canonical Smash games since Brawl.
  • Ray Gun: Has a Blaster like Fox for his neutral-B, but in exchange for firing slower, it deals more damage while flinching the opponent on hit.
  • Technicolor Fire: To distinguish his Fire Bird from Fire Fox, the former surrounds Falco in blue fire.
  • Wreathed in Flames: His Up-B, Fire Bird, works much like Fox's, but uses blue fire and gains less distance.



    Captain Falcon 
  • Charged Attack: As a slight buff to Falcon Punch, the move can be held down to delay its release for longer than normal.
  • Elemental Punch: He mostly uses fire-infused punches and kicks, though his knee-based attacks such as his up-throw and foward-aerial use electricity instead.
  • Playing with Fire: Many of his moves, particularly all of his specials, use fire.

Fire Emblem

  • Composite Character: His character select "modes" amount to this. His default mode is "Tipper", but he also has "Spread" and "Centered" modes based on Lucina and Roy respectively. The latter even extensively changes his moves to more resemble Roy's.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Nitro Boost: Has a new Side-B in the Sonic Boost, allowing him to blow throw opponents. It's unfortunately very impractical due to it usually sending him careening off the edge for a self-destruct.
  • Practical Taunt: His midair taunt allows him to refill his boost meter much quicker.
  • Rolling Attack: He retains his Spin Dash for his Down-B.
  • Spring Jump: He summons a Spring to recover for his Up-B, which can also be used to follow-up with more attacks.
  • Super Speed: He's the fastest character in the game in terms of grounded running speed.




Street Fighter


    Evil Ryu 

  • Hurricane Kick: Two of them: her upside-down Spinning Bird Kick for her Side-B, and her rising Tenshoukyaku for her Up-B recovery.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Brings her signature Hyakuretsu Kyaku/Lightning Kick for her jab.


  • Super Mode: As time passes, he builds up a Digivolution meter, which can be sped up by using his down-B. Using his down-B again when it's full allows him to Digivolve to Greymon, who has more powerful attacks. He eventually reverts back to Agumon as the meter depletes.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: He is unlocked by picking up a meat Food item, a reference to his love of meat.


Dragon Ball





    Mr. Game & Watch 

    Ice Climbers 


    Duck Hunt Dog 

    Little Mac 
  • Stance System: Albeit only selectable from the character screen. His default mode is Crusade-original by virtue of him appearing there before his canonical Smash debut, but he does have an alternate mode based on his moveset in the canonical Smash games.


    Mach Rider 
  • Cool Bike: His Side-B, similar to Wario, has him ride on his Mach Bike attempting to ram into opponents. Unlike Wario, he simply pulls the bike out of Hammerspace.
  • More Dakka: His Neutral-B has him use his trusty Machine Gun to rapid-fire bullets. Like Fox's blaster, opponents can't be flinched by it, but unlike Fox's blaster, it can be held down for continuous fire.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: His Down-B, Mach Kick, has him unleash a flurry of rapid-fire kicks at the opponent.

  • Floating Limbs: Its hands, feet, and head have no connection to its body.

  • Rubber Man: Liberally takes advantage of his stretchy arms in his attacks; in this game this extends to his legs as well.

    Mega Man 

    Phoenix Wright 

  • Ground Pound: Uses his signature Butt Bounce from the Pac-Man World games for his down-aerial. As per said games, hitting the ground with this attack causes him to bounce right back up as high as his jump.
  • Rolling Attack: Uses his Spin Dash-esque Rev Roll from the Pac-Man World games for his Side-B.
  • Truer to the Text: While Pac-Man in the canon Smash games makes use of a mishmash of elements of classic Namco arcade games, Pac-Man in this fangame is instead primarily based on his incarnation from the Pac-Man World games.




    Black Mage 

  • Belly Flop Crushing: His down-aerial is his Body Slam, which acts as a standard Ground Pound-type move and can be used to meteor opponents as well.
  • Catchphrase: "Woah!", which he explains when getting hit or KO'd.
  • Crate Expectations: His Side-B allows him to throw a number of different crates, from regular crates to TNT crates.
  • Edible Ammunition: His Fruit Bazooka is his Down-B, letting him pull out a bazooka, aim it, and shoot Wumpa Fruits at opponents.
  • Jet Pack: Crash dons one for his Up-B, letting him recover.
  • Spin Attack: His signature attack from his games serves as his Neutral-B, which can be used to knock away opponents and help a bit with recovery alike.

  • Floating Limbs: As usual, his hands, feet, and head have no connection to his torso.

  • Pretender Diss: Getting Kirby's O-Tetromino Stone transformation summons the real deal after the fight is over, allowing you to unlock it upon its defeat.
  • Spin Attack: Due to its source game involving spinning Tetronimoes into place, many of its attacks involve spinning around.

  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Her Neutral-B allows her to take on different forms: Monkey (Side), Elephant (Down), and Harpy (Up).

  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Performs this on the fly in her normal moves, in contrast to Shantae who uses Neutral-B to transform.

  • Ass Kicks You: Shakes an oversized rump forward for his rapid jab, a little reference to the Among Us twerk meme.
  • The Bus Came Back: He was removed from the game for some time since the developers wanted to improve his sprite-work. He eventually returned in full for the 0.9.4 update.
  • Dash Attack: He charges forward with an axe to swing overhead. The 0.9.4 update now allows him to keep charging forward with the axe in hand while holding the button, swinging the axe upon letting go of the button.
  • Deranged Animation: Weegee Invokes this style in his updated 0.9.4 animations, which contrast heavily with the otherwise lacking animation he had before. As shown here, the differences are night and day.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Subverted. Earlier versions have him as a toggle option occupying the same slot as Luigi, but he is still a drastically different character even back then.
  • Easter Egg: Having Weegee perform his taunt next to his Side Special summon Guiyii from Tachin1994, he'll not only react, but perform a brief Spooky Dance.
  • Eldritch Abomination: As he is based on the invokedMemetic Psychopath depiction found in YouTube Poop, he's portrayed in a sinister light. Most prevalent in both his updated character art, with him casting a sinister stare towards the viewer while surrounded by bits and pieces of himself separate from his otherwise intact body.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You:
    • His character art, where he sports a sinister wide-eyed stare to the viewer.
    • His Loss Screen is the more subtle example; at first he will clap for the victor like all others, but then suddenly stop after a while, face the screen, then approach until they're next to the victor, still facing the screen.
    • His Victory Screen has him simply standing in place facing the viewer, only to fall through the ground, then shortly afterward, suddenly be right up in the camera view with his ominous stare.
  • Jump Scare: Wait on his victory screen for a little bit after the 0.9.4 update and Weegee's face will cover the screen in a very frightening manner.
  • Limited Animation: Early versions feature most of his animations in his otherwise static memetic pose until the update that overhauls almost everything about him.
  • Reality Warper:. His updated intro animation has him walk out of a glitchy tear in the fabric of reality.
  • Shout-Out: Being an entity of invokedMemetic Mutation, Weegee features a lot of references in his move-set, typically of sources often use in YouTube Poops Especially in his updated appearance.
    • His old intro involves him kicking aside a Weegeefied Squidward, russmars2's Sqeegee.
    • Some of his attacks are based on Weegee's portrayal in Achille 12345's videos.
    • Two references to the Moonwalk. His old walk cycle being his running cycle, just backwards, and his updated dodge-roll being a more direct reference, complete with eyes being obscured by his hat.
    • His grab pummel has a different array of stock sound clips play for each individual pummel. Including, but likely not limited to:
    • After finishing his rapid jab Weegee briefly transform into a Big Chungus for the end-lag.
    • Neutral air turns them into a likeness of Giygas's true form.
    • His old Down Special has him turn suddenly turn into a Pokéball ...before suddenly exploding into a KABOOM.
    • One of his Palette Swap's turns them purple with deep black eyes with white pupils.