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Trivia / Super Smash Bros. Crusade

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  • Dueling Games: Super Smash Flash 2 and Super Smash Bros. Crusade. Both are vying for the title of best Smash Fangame, and time will tell which one is better. The developers of both games have tried to avert this, saying that the games should be treated as separate games with separate goals that should not be compared.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: While not ordered to be destroyed as fan games in this case typically are, the game was sent a Cease & Desist by an undisclosed party ordering them to not stream at APEX 2015. Crusade being screwed but Flash 2 being left alone points suspicion at a content owner represented in the former but not the latter, such as Activision, owner of Crash Bandicoot, or Ubisoft, owner of Rayman.
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