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YMMV / Stray Kids

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  • Friendly Fandoms: Stays are friends with The Bs (fans of The Boyz) and most other groups under JYPE. Especially The Bs and Onces, because of a lot of their friendships and them being fans of their senior labelmates:
    • Felix's friendship with Eric (and the Canadian line) from The Boyz.
    • Chan's friendship with Twice and Felix's intense fanboying of the same group. Chan even got cheers from Onces when he danced!
    • Hyunjin's adoration for Jinyoung from GOT7 has caused Ahghases and Stays to check out each others' groups.
    • Seungmin's extremely intense love for DAY6 and Chan's friendship with Young K means there is a fair amount of overlap in between Stays and MyDays.
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    • Considering how Chan's and Jisung's performance went viral and cause Armys to notice the group and Stray Kids' similar nature as BTS, Stays and Armys are an alliance, called StayArmy

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