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Imagine Teacher is from the Imagine series of games for the Nintendo DS.

In the game, you play as April, a young teenage girl who takes up the job as a teacher in a small school outside a big city, and she happens to be the only teacher in the school. She gets assistance from the school's retiring principal, Mr. Coddleton, who shows that most students are out attending school in the city and their school isn't as popular. It's up to April to bring the school back to life while helping the students learn and grow. You start with a few students at first, but as you do your job well, more children will eventually enroll.

The aim of the game is to teach the students different subjects, such as math, reading and art, over the course of a five-day week. Each school day is divided into two classes separated by recess, and each lesson consists of the introduction, the activity, and finally the correction of the students' work. For each week though, you need to focus on a certain subject, which appears more often than the others. You may also need to find a lost item as you clean the classroom, or invite a student over for a night class. Also, you may have to obtain materials to celebrate an event in the game.


It has a sequel, Imagine Teacher Class Trip.

Imagine Teacher contains examples of:

  • Anime Hair: April has this sort of hairdo, consisting of several spikes that stick up and curl forward.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Mr. Coddleton showing up near the end of the final arc to prove April was innocent and it was Mr. Fricke who robbed the school.
  • Big Good: Mr. Coddleton, who guides April through the ropes of being a teacher and giving her all the encouragement she needs.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • What Ms. Sharpe was revealed to be in the finale. She seemed sweet at first, but she framed April because she was jealous of her for getting the job and not her. She is rightfully punished by Mr. Thistle and is fired from the district for good.
    • When Keith was introduced, he was shown to be nervous and seemed excited to be enrolled in April's school. Once there...not so much.
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  • Frame-Up: The final arc of the game has the school be robbed and Ms. Sharpe accuses April of doing such.
  • Jerkass: Keith has huge shades of this, unlike all the other students. Mr. Thistle also shows this time to time.
  • Motor Mouth: Louise is described as this.
  • Nice Guy: Jeremy is described as being the nicest of the students and is very friendly to the others.
  • Retired Badass: Mr. Coddleton serves as this, even before retiring at the beginning.
  • Shrinking Violet: William is the shyest, always very nervous around others, but opens right up to them.
  • Token Minority: Aito is Japanese, while Isabella is Indian.

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