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Tear Jerker / Stray Kids

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  • The elimination of Minho and Felix in the reality show Stray Kids, full stop. The other members' reactions make the whole scene even more heart-breaking.
  • Bang Chan has been a trainee since 2011. He saw his companions debut as GOT7, Twice and Day6, while he was still stuck at being a trainee, until 2018 when he was able to debut with Stray Kids. It's only until the second half of the year when they finally win the Rookie Award, and he's finally able to know what it feels like to stand on the stage proudly like his old friends.
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  • Changbin's family is the typical type of family who wants him to get a stable job by studying. He initially did study hard, until he decided that his interest lies on Hip Hop music and he finally managed to convince his family to let him tryout for JYP. Now his parents are so proud of him, calling his son a genius since he's able to be a part of JYP, one of the Big-3 in Korea and even say that they should have let him enter the entertainment career earlier.
  • Felix's case in similar. He managed to convince his unsupportive family that he wants to try for audition because he loves dancing so much. Now that Stray Kids has debut, his family still don't entirely support him 100%, or so he thinks. While Changbin told him that it's only because Felix's family wants the best for him, and Felix also admits that his goal is indeed very high, way more than merely being able to debut.
  • Mixtape #4, a Stray Kids version of 3RACHA's Broken Compass, has Chan changed his part of lyrics which can bring tears to pre-debut fans.
    • In the original song, Chan's lyrics are: Six years and I know now, call me captain and I do it for my crew now, started since 2011, my precious team, my compass.
    • In Mixtape #4, the lyrics became: It's been a year and it's true now, call me captain and I do it for my crew now, 2018 is the start, my precious team, my compass.

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