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  • Stray Kids is the first JYP group that focus a lot and seriously on rapping. Not only their rapper line is really good at what they are doing, other members are also capable.
    • Especially Jisung and Changbin. When the CEO from YG watched the two performing Matryoshka in JYP VS YG battle in reality show Stray Kids, he looks like as if he wanted the two to be under YG. Considering most YG groups are Hip Hop groups and like decent rappers, the look on CEO Yang is quite something.
  • Many of 3RACHA's songs are very badass, especially Matryoshka, the first national anthem of Stray Kids fandom.
    Jisung: You, you, you, do you wish me to not do well? The answer is no, I can't. I still have a lot more to achieve, dude.
    Chan: Hey, I'm sorry but it's me at the forefront row.
    Changbin: If you want to shed me away with your negative emotions, just give up. It's time to turn the lights towards me.
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  • Stray Kids are also the first JYP group to have their songs composed by themselves right from the start. They even start writing songs on their own before they even debut.
  • All members can rap and sing. It's really rare to see.
    • Examples include Not!, Who?, "ROCK, and Opposite''.
  • In live performances of I am YOU, Chan harmonizes with himself (i.e. harmonizing with the recorded tape) instead of merely singing his part.
  • They won 8 rookie of the year awards in 2018.
  • When they finally got their first win in 2019, the date is April 4th. 4419!

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