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Quotes / Stray Kids

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  • Broken Compass, SPEAERB: Don't panic when you encounter tides, follow them.
  • Broken Compass, J.One: As long as I stay with my heart, I can use a broken compass.
  • District 9, Changbin: Put away your negativity, back off.
  • District 9, Han: Our duty is to prove who we really are.
  • District 9, Changbin: You have to know that being different is not being wrong.
  • My Pace, Hyunjin: It's so funny how I compare myself with others.
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  • My Pace, Lee Know: Just that they are ahead doesn't mean they are first, baby.
  • My Pace, Bang Chan/Woojin: It's alright to go slowly.
  • Not!, Bang Chan: Us, brainwashed into the same system, they expect perfection - so how can we be different huh?
  • Young Wings, Seungmin/Jeongin: I just want to live my age naturally.
  • Young Wings, Bang Chan/Minho: It's nice acting like an adult, but I don't want to change, even if they say I am immature.

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