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  • The elimination of Minho and Felix. As much as it is tear jerking, it's still warm to see how the members already developed a really strong bond.
    • This makes their reunion and their debut as 9 members even more pleasant to see.
  • Bang Chan talking about how he had been a trainee for 7 years, witnessed the debut of his friends (i.e. Twice, Got 7, Day6), and finally debut with Stray Kids.
    I've been a trainee for 7 years. I always wondered whom I will debut with. Luckily it's you guys.
    • He cried while making this touching speech. The first thing Jisung did is to rush to him with a roll of toilet paper and cheer him up.
    • His speech also made Changbin cried so hard that he had to run out of the room. While Chan himself is also emotional at that moment, he still followed Changbin and comfort him.
      • As a leader, he is very strict about the members' practice, because he don't want them to become eliminated during the reality show, and makes sure that they can always do their best. He even raps about his responsibility as a leader in many of 3RACHA's productions, and in a live performance of Stray Kids he changed the lyrics of Matryoshka into this:
    Imma protect Stray Kids, do it for the squad, do it for the team.
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  • In Two Kids Room, Felix tells Changbin how his parents are still not very supportive towards his artist career. Changbin comforts him by saying that his parents just want the best for him, and says he is certain with that because his parents initially opposes his life choice too, but now their parents are so proud of him that they regret letting him into the industry at such a late time.
  • Also in Two Kids Room, Changbin mentions in his letter to Felix that Felix is so nice that he may end up being hurt more than anyone else, while Jeongin in another episode also points out in his letter that Felix tends to hide his feelings. Both of them tell Felix to rely on 8 awesome members that he now has.
  • The members all have kind hearts, and are proved. Hyunjin has a bracelet for supporting animals protection, Minho has a UN ring for long-term donations to children in need, Changbin and Felix share a pairs of Nike Vapormax to support LGBTQ+ community and they had attended the Gay Pride March.
  • Jisung and Hyunjin used to hate each other and fight every day, but on the first win, when Jisung bursted into tears, Hyunjin is the first to pull him into a hug.
    • When the others were happily celebrating on stage (although some are still in tears), Jisung just walked around aimlessly crying, and was pulled into a hug by whoever is the nearest to him, sans for Minho who just patted him like his own cat.
    • Changbin, who doesn't show affection to Jisung often, hugged him really tightly while Jisung just sobbed.

Music and Music Videos

  • The MV of Grow Up. The members initially do their own things on their own, but as the song progress to its climax, the members start to pair up or get together as small groups, eventually all 9 of them join together.
  • Mixtape #1 (i.e. Placebo Stray Kids ver.), a song which clearly depicts the soft and optimistic side of SKZ:
    Hyunjin: Rather than deciding whether I’m on the right road or not, it’s more of whether I want to walk on a fun road that I want.
    Hyunjin: Taking off the pessimistic filter, changing it with sense of accomplishment. Even if I have no faith, I have to trust myself.
    Bang Chan: But I'll go up, I'll fly.
    Felix: An anchor dragging me down like I always feel hopeless, but again I’m not the kind to fall in Devil’s hands. Gotta drop my rusty chains, this is where I stand. This is my life, my time won’t stop, thank God I’m back alive, resurrected with the right mind. Believing myself all times, we gonna make it. Proud of ourselves we will never break into many.
    Minho: Honestly speaking, there’s no need for pessimism. Trusting in myself, throwing trivial thoughts away.
    Changbin: I’ll trust in this dream which doesn’t move.
    Woojin: I saw it in my childhood dream, I trusted that I can find a happy image of me. The dreams that I dreamed, I trust that they will come into the happy reality.
    • Notably, in the beginning, Jeongin's line is "Am I able to go up?" In the end, his line changed into "I am able to go up."
  • Mixtape #2, also named Even Shadow Needs Light to Exist, is a song about SKZ's determination for the future.
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  • Mixtape #3, that is, For You, tells fans that their hard work will definitely pay off in the future.
    Blessings waiting for you.
  • Awkward Silence is a playful song which depicts a cheerful mood, a huge contrast to many of SKZ's songs.
    We'll laugh and we'll have wrinkles.
  • The intro of I am YOU: The 9 boys are walking in the tunnel of My Pace and at their own pace. The other people are walking in the opposite direction, almost like running away from a cursed place, but the boys remained unbothered and even determined, finally reaching their district, where many props from their previous music videos are placed, such as the red-white stripped coach in Hellevator, a field of grass from Voices, a basketball hoop from Grow Up, etc.
    • Throughout the video they are happily playing around in the place.

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