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     Changlix (Changbin and Felix) 
  • God, even their fellow members tease about their relationship by saying that Changbin only likes Felix in Stray Kids.
  • There's the iconic kiss (albeit being a kiss on the cheek) by Changbin on Felix, although it's just a game punishment and is assisted by Minho's Death Glare. It lasted for 3 seconds anyway.
    • Before the kiss, Felix declared that Changbin loves him, so it's not a problem at all. Even the production team of the reality show acknowledges it!
    • This kiss is brought up again in Howl in Harmony, where Changbin and Felix struggle to remember the details and thus argue about who did it.
  • Then there's Changbin reading out a fan's comment.
    Changbin: "Felix, I am falling in love with you!"
    Felix: Oh, thank you very much—
    Changbin: Me too me too.
  • This exchange:
    Woojin: Felix, what's your favorite part in Awkward Silence?
    Felix: (sings Changbin's part)
    Changbin: Do you like hyung(himself) that much?
    Felix: ...Yes?
  • They are so far the only ones seen with the Nike Vapormax shoes, which is produced for LGBT support.
  • Felix is always clinging onto Changbin's arms, and he often bites his knuckles whenever he thinks Changbin is doing something impressive.
  • In the fanchant guide video of Grrr, Changbin screamed "FELIX OPAAAA" with his whole chest.
  • The two have recently done a SKZ-RECORD together, titled "좋으니까 (Cause I Like You)".
    • They've even gone on a date too!

     Minsung (Minho and Jisung) 
  • Minho is always trying to kiss, always.
  • They are so clingy that it seems impossible to separate these two.
  • When Jisung is supposed to hit Felix on the arm as a game punishment, Jisung kissed on his arm instead. The facial expression made by Minho is nothing but a look of betrayal.
  • The conversation in Two Kids Room:
    Han: When do you feel happy?
    Lee Know: (silence because of thinking)
    Han: Tell me baby.
    Han: Do you feel happy when you're with me?
    Lee Know: (kicks him.)
    Han: (Hits him back with a cushion) WHY???
    • In the same video, Jisung forces Minho to look into his eyes when he's doing aegyo because somehow Minho fail to make direct eye contact with him.
  • During the reality show Minho was feeling very nervous about rapping for the first time, so Jisung comfort him by holding his hand.
    • In episode 4 Minho was eliminated because he messed up his part. His message to Jisung include this:
    When you hold my hand back then, I didn't make any mistakes. But this time, I messed up the lyrics...Perhaps it's because you're not holding my hand?
  • Jisung admitted that when Minho entered JYP, he already thought Minho was handsome.
  • This conversation (more like Jisung's monologue) in a fansign:
    Jisung: Lee Know hyung, you and Hyunjin look good together.
    Jisung: (running away because Minho threatened to punch him) NO NO NO I AM SORRY, I mean you and I look good together.
    Jisung: (walking back) Hyung, you know I love you, right?
  • In one live Jisung managed to get a peek of Minho's torso. He seemed to be very satisfied.
  • Their iconic sexy dance.
  • Minho saying that he and Jisung will be on January's Dispatch note  issue.
  • Minho pointing at Jisung during the "MY LOVER" line in "Airplane" at K-CON:TACT Summer 2021.
  • In SKZ-FAM, Jisung is supposed to be Hyunjin's husband, but kept on flirting with Minho. This results in Minho and Jisung cheating on their respective spouses for each other.
  • During a conversation with Jeongin, Minho invites him for a date in Gimpo. Jeongin responds by asking Minho if he's going to abandon Jisung, causing Minho's hands to shake. Minho falters as he tries to say HAN's name.

     Chan Lix (Felix and Bang Chan) 
  • A tearjerking moment, but Bang Chan assures Felix that he will never leave his Aussie friend behind after Felix gets eliminated in the survival show.
  • Chan and Felix try to come up with ship names when they were teamed up in Two Kids' Song.
    • Felix cheating so that he'll end up with Chan beforehand.
  • Heart Kids' Room hypes this ship up completely:
    • Chan picking Felix consistently, until Felix's identity gets outed by the other members. Felix even asks how Chan managed to do just that.
    Felix: (incredulous) How did you know it was me?
    • Felix is in shock when he realized he would pick skinship over Bang Chan during his episode.
  • Chan gets emotional talking about Felix in the intro for IN LIFE.
  • Chan giving Felix a makeover in All Night SKZ in episode 1, as well as aggressively cuddling him at the end.
  • In general, Chan dotes on Felix a lot. Their relationship is even said to be one of the closest.

     Seungjin (Hyunjin and Seungmin) 
  • They are always teaming up to bully Changbin.
    • One time when Changbin shook off Hyunjin's hand, while Hyunjin looks as if he's hurt, Seungmin immediately pretend to punch Changbin.
  • These two are especially nice to each other.
  • Following Minsung getting together in the SKZ-FAM (mentioned in the Minsung folder), Seungmin immediately told Hyunjin to be with him. This culminates in the two couples switching partners for the sequel episode.

     Banginho/Minchan (Bang Chan and Minho) 
  • When Minho is freaking out a bit because of his fear of heights, he clings onto Chan the whole time.
  • Minho was flexing when Bang Chan suddenly said "nice butt", which belongs to Minho, and proceeds to slap his butt, which Minho returns afterwards.
  • When Minho got eliminated, the first one he apologized to is Chan.
  • After Minho and Chan finally got the chance to debut together, the two constantly throw jabs Like an Old Married Couple, while taking care of the younger members.