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  • Lee Know and his bundles. And Jeongin with his trot singing.
  • Jeongin's dolphin screams and Felix's mosquito singing.
  • Since Felix hasn't lived in Korea for long, his Korean still needs improvement. When Bang Chan explains something to him in Korean, he doesn't understand what the leader is talking about and his response is hilarious.
    Bang Chan: talks in Korean and waits for Felix's response.
    Felix:...Stray Kids. walks away
    • Even Chan is amused by his response!
  • Jisung pushes Jeongin to Bang Chan and the latter two starts to fight.
    Jisung: Let's have a battle between a kangaroo and a fennec fox. You're now witnessing the Law of the Jungle.
    • Shortly after Chan finishes off Jeongin and stares at Jisung.
    Jisung: ...No, let's be honest here, a squirrel will be way to weak.
    • Cue Chan grabbing Jisung and Jisung screaming.
  • Changbin changing Stray Kids' name into Stray Cheese for aegyo purpose.
  • Felix gets to choose a member to kiss another member on the cheek. The only people present is Changbin, Minho and himself. He chose Changbin for the one who kisses and wanted to choose Minho as the one being kissed, only for Minho to glare at him. So he chose himself instead and Changbin gave him a 'what the??' face.
  • English time.
    • Chan and Seungmin:
    Chan: Seungmin, how old are you?
    Seungmin: I am...9 years old.
    Chan: Why you lyin' why you always lyin'?
    • Then he talks to Woojin:
    Chan: How are you today?
    Woojin: I am fine, thank you. And you?
    Chan: Did you eat dinner?
    Woojin: I am fine, thank you. And you?
    Chan: (laughs) YEAH! How old are you?
    (Whoever behind the camera):I am fine, thank you.
    • Also Hyunjin and I.N:
    I.N: I can speak English you know?
    Hyunjin: No, I don't know.
    I.N: Why you don't know bro?
    I.N: My name is I.N.
    Hyunjin: (unbothered) Great.
    Hyunjin: GREAT! (while dancing to Momoland Bboom Bboom)
    Both: (imitate crow sound)
    • Also Lee Know pronouncing New York city as New York Shitty.
  • Stray Kids promoting I am NOT within one minute on Idol Master.
  • Seungmin secretly asked a restaurant to play Hellevator when Hyunjin was in the bathroom, since Hyunjin didn't want to.
  • This conversation:
    Changbin: Oh-it's the Statue of Liberty.
    Stray Kids: GODDESS!!!!!
  • Since many fans are understandably and incredibly upset by the elimination of Minho and Felix in the reality show Stray Kids, many jokes are made to express their anger towards JYP (as in the CEO), such as this one on Tumblr:
    Chan: Jeongin, can you pick up the trash?
  • The Street Video for ''Question''. Highlights include:
    • All of them bobbing their heads aggressively.
    • Seungmin hiding his head in a sack.
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    • Hyunjin being unbothered and continue to jam to the song while being pressed to the floor.
    • Han holds up his apparently extremely smelly shoe for Changbin and I.N to smell. The latter two is not pleased.
    • Changbin, Lee Know, I.N teaming up to bully Felix.
      • Meanwhile Han, being himself, attempts to kiss Felix.
    • Hyunjin dancing to Twice's What is Love.
    • Seungmin, Woojin and Bang Chan on the park exercising facility.
    • Lee Know attempting to use a water gun to kill Changbin.
    • In general, Lee Know and Han being like a gay couple.
  • Then there's the MV for ''Awkward Silence'':
    • Hyunjin working on something on the computer, stressed, while Jeongin and Bang Chan comforting and mentally supporting him, then Jisung came in and pull off the power supply for the computer. Cue Hyunjin glaring at him.
    • Minho holds up a box, then the box breaks and everything falls out, and he just stood there for some time before rejoining the song.
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    • Bang Chan being too excited and knocks off the camera.
    • Felix doing his infamous Fortnite dance. Again.
  • Jeongin's speech about age.
    We are all born in the 20th Century, right? We're the same age.
  • How Jisung got in the company, as he said in Two Kids Room: He and his friend discovered that there's an audition for JYP, so they decided to attend the audition just to see if they have the luck to see any celebrities.
  • Every time when Seungmin hypes up a Day6 song, it's hilarious to see him being that hyper.
    • Hyunjin too, became mute when his idol, Jinyoung cued his name.
  • Everytime when other members (usually Felix) compliments Changbin's jawline by making fun of it. Examples include Felix putting a triangle sandwich on his face saying that you'd become Changbin by that, or Jisung declaring that they can cut Seungmin's birthday cake using Changbin's jawline.

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