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YMMV / Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge

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  • Awesome Music: Aside from the tradition of using Trouble Man, Kou Otani does the score for the OVA and does a fantastic job.
  • Complete Monster: Pyron is a malevolent alien being who travels from world to world for fighting and excitement, inevitably destroying them when they fail to meet his expectations. Arriving on Earth, Pyron announces himself by annihilating populated towns with the warning to entertain him or risk death. Pyron proceeds to kill multiple defenders of Earth in the ensuing fight, gleefully tormenting the hero Donovan, and when Donovan manages to stand up to him Pyron attempts to wipe out the world and everyone in it out of spite.
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  • Ear Worm: The OVA's opening theme, the jazz-tastic "Invitation to the Charm of Darkness" will be stuck in your head long after you watch the OVA, along with, of course, Trouble Man.
  • He Really Can Act: The reason Scott McNeil reprised the role of Lord Raptor in the english dub; his performance as the character was considered one of the american cartoon's legitimately good points, to the point that they decided to bring him back.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: David Kaye voices Big Bad Pyron here, two decades later he ends up voicing fellow Darkstalkers Big Bad Jedah Dohma in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Seems like the guy is destined to play Darkstalkers villains.
    • Another one involving Kaye has Pyron exclaming "yesss" in an elongated way, much like he would do for Megatron's Verbal Tic in Beast Wars that same year.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A good chunk of the english dub cast would go on to provide voice work for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, most notably Kathleen Barr, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, and Michael Dobson.
  • The Scrappy: Rikuo's status as this trope in the games is arguably acknowledged here, as out of the four characters beaten by Pyron, his defeat is the most graphic.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The animation is incredibly fluid, even for an OVA, with some of the characters' moves from the original games being faithfully and beautifully recreated.
    • Advertising at the time even mentions that they had "done the impossible," as the amazing animation of the Darkstalkers games themselves made many believe an animated adaptation could never happen.

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