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  • Complete Monster:
    • "Pool Sharks": Natasha is a seductive Femme Fatale vampire who, needing an invitation from her victims, challenges them to a game of pool with high stakes. Concealing her nature, Natasha neglects to mention her victory can mean an agonizing end at her fangs. Having killed countless innocent men, including the brother of the hero Gabe, Natasha tries to murder Gabe as well, promising he will suffer hideously for defying her.
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    • "Leavings": The inspector is actually the mastermind behind a criminal conspiracy infesting even the department he presides over. When two cops, Parkhurst and Mancini, find a series of grotesque, patchwork people, the inspector reveals he's been kidnapping dozens of easily-missed people, dismembering them and stitching their body parts into mindless, amalgamated creatures loyal to the department. The inspector creates a "perfect cop" out of these people he intends to use to replace every cop in the department, closing the episode by having it gun down Parkhurst and Mancini for their revolt to his operation.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Narm:
    • Right before the first act break in "Mannikins of Horror", Dr. Collins yells at his clay creatures to shut up, before turning and staring at the camera... for no reason.
      • Later on, Dr. Jarris goes into Dr. Starr's office at night, while he is drinking, to try and talk to him about Dr. Collin. Starr dismisses her concerns before abruptly offering her some vodka. The only problem is, whether it be because of how it was written in the script, or how the actor chose to read it, it comes off as a borderline Non Sequitur:
        Dr. Starr: There's nothing more to talk about (raises a glass) vodka.
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  • Nausea Fuel: The titular monster in "The Feverman".
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Shocking Swerve:
    • The secondary Plot Twist of "Habitat" is quite literally the last four words of the episode, with the credits following swiftly after. While the revelation that Jamie was being held captive by two aliens was implied throughout the episode, the exact reason why is held until the literal end.
      Alien #1: She was incapable of tolerating confinement. She fought against it.
      Alien #2: Yes, but when we scanned her mind, we learned that her species kept small rodents in similar confinement, in spaces they called "habitats", designed to provide a challenging and varied environment. Apparently, her kind are hypocrites. They enjoy having, but don't like, in fact they loathe being pets.
    • Exactly why the nuclear fallout caused in "The Waiting Game" would result in vampires isn't properly explained, as it only is revealed towards the end of the third act.
  • Special Effects Failure: "Mannikins of Horror" sees Dr. Starr getting stabbed in the eye by one of Dr. Collins' clay figures. It is very apparent that they had to use green-screening to get the intended shot, as the tip of blade used to stab him disappears as it reaches his cornea.
  • Squick: The Reveal in "Bug House". You ever wanted to see a woman give birth to a giant bug? Or a man turn out to be part bug? Or said woman die with maggots erupting from her arm?


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