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Season One

  1. The Feverman: When a doctor cannot heal a little girl's illness, her father turns to the Feverman, a mysterious man who claims he will literally fight her illness. The jealous doctor thinks the Feverman is a fraud and tries to expose him.
  2. Holly's House: The stressed out puppeteer for a kid's show starts to see her puppet move and talk on its own.
  3. New York Honey: A greedy man blackmails his beekeeping neighbor into letting him sell his special honey, then he gets seduced by a woman who is more than she seems.
  4. The Vampire Hunter: A veteran vampire hunter who contemplates retiring gets attacked by a vampire out for revenge.
  5. My Zombie Lover: A woman is visited by her deceased boyfriend who has become a zombie. Things get complicated when her parents and brother come home.
  6. Where's the Rest of Me?: A mad scientist preserves a corpse and gradually sells his body parts and organs to people who need replacements. Then the corpse comes alive and wants his parts back.
  7. The Legacy: A struggling writer buys a home that belonged to a deceased horror actor, and finds a makeup kit that unleashes horrors.
  8. Sleeping Dragon: A man tries to impress his girlfriend's scientist father by bringing in an enormous egg he found, but the egg hatches into a dragon.
  9. Pool Sharks: A seductive vampire challenges men to games of pool and kills them when they lose. A pool hustler takes on her challenge.
  10. Pillow Talk: An author feeds his dates to a monster in his bed in exchange for ideas.
  11. Rouse Him Not: An artist is harassed by a peeping tom and visited by a man who wants to investigate her house because a warlock used to live in it.
  12. Fools' Gold: Some people dig and find a cave full of gold that is guarded by a deadly troll.
  13. Glim-Glim: An alien crash lands in a small town and accidentally releases a virus that wipes out everyone except three people who are immune, one of them a little girl. The alien surrounds the town with a force field to keep the virus from spreading and tries to work on a cure. The child tries to befriend the alien, but the adults seek revenge.
  14. Parents from Space: Aliens take over the bodies of a little girl's abusive parents. As the aliens are much nicer to her, she becomes determined to make this change permanent.
  15. The Mother Instinct: An old woman grows melons whose juice is a wonder drug. Her daughter's abusive husband tries to steal them and finds they are guarded by monstrous worms.
  16. Their Divided Self: A psychiatrist is brought in to help two quarreling conjoined twins.
  17. Taps: A woman murders her dancing partner and cuts up his body. Later, he comes back and wants to dance with her forever.
  18. The Match Game: Four teens break into a supposedly haunted house to play the match game, where they take turns telling ghost stories while a match burns. Then one of their stories starts coming true.
  19. Rain Dance: A greedy couple who sells Native American artifacts get a cursed rain god idol.
  20. Cocoon: A cop asks his psychic girlfriend to help a beautiful amnesiac remember who she is.
  21. All In a Day's Work: A man asks a white witch to protect him from a doppelganger he accidentally summoned.
  22. Satan in the Suburbs: A demon offers to help solve a woman's problems if she will help write his memoirs.
  23. Mannikins of Horror: A former surgeon is sent to the asylum and becomes obsessed with making mannikins, lifelike, anatomically correct models of people. They start coming to life.
  24. La Strega: A man accuses a woman of being the witch who killed his mother with a curse.

Season Two

  1. The Face: Two men rob an old woman who bites one of them before being killed. The bite suddenly morphs into the old woman's face, who constantly torments him for his crime.
  2. Portrait of the Artist: When a man sees a sculpture of his missing daughter in an art gallery, he suspects the owner killed her and tries to force him to confess.
  3. A Bond of Silk: A newlywed couple goes to a hotel room for their honeymoon, only to find a giant spider web.
  4. Rerun: A woman with a crush on a dead movie star is shocked when he suddenly appears and starts wooing her. Her friend suspects something is off about this.
  5. Love Hurts: A woman uses voodoo to get a man to leave his wife for her, but it eventually backfires.
  6. The Farmer's Daughter: A man is offered hospitality by farmers and he finds himself falling for their lovely daughter, who has a horrible secret.
  7. Jar: A private detective looking for a missing person discovers an innkeeper who sells mysterious jars.
  8. The Demons: An alien wizard tries to summon a demon and gets an ordinary insurance salesman from Earth, whom he enslaves. The man tries to summon a demon of his own and gets an alien insurance salesman. The two agree to work together to be free of the wizard.
  9. Reaper: A man in a nursing home makes a deal with the Grim Reaper to kill others so he can stay alive.
  10. The Mandrake Root: A woman accidentally spills her blood on a mandrake root. The root turns into her ideal man, but he has a hunger for more blood.
  11. Half as Old as Time: An elderly man is obsessed with finding a Native American version of the Fountain of Youth, but it has a price.
  12. Museum Hearts: A two-timing man is trapped in a museum with his two girlfriends and a mummy.
  13. Habitat: A woman agrees to be imprisoned and observed in a special room for nine months in exchange for money. After a while, she starts to go insane from loneliness.
  14. Bed and Boar: A man goes to a motel and is seduced by his neighbor, who is having a fight with her husband, who looks like a pig monster.
  15. Mr. Swlabr: A boy is bossed around by his mother and sister. One day, he finds a strange creature who calls himself Swlabr, who helps him.
  16. Perchance to Dream: A man finds that anything he dreams of comes true. His girlfriend asks a psychiatrist to help him before his dreams end up killing him.
  17. One Wolf's Family: A family of werewolves disapproves of their daughter's romance with a werehyena. Meanwhile, their human neighbor disapproves of them all.
  18. The Offering: A man whose mother was diagnosed with cancer discovers what really happened is a monster is inserting its larva into her and other people's bodies.
  19. Far Below: An arrogant accountant learns of a secret operation protecting the city's underground tunnels.
  20. Micro Minds: An astronomy student believes she has made contract with an alien race, but the race may be closer than she thinks.
  21. Refugee: A U.S. agent is assigned to help a physicist defect from her home country. They end up getting chased by the Devil's minions who want to send her to Hell.
  22. The Gift: A little boy who has been kidnapped gets chained up next to a wounded monster, who offers to help him.
  23. The Bargain: A woman makes a deal to have a more beautiful face to attract a man, but there is a price.
  24. The Family Man: A boy realizes his mother's new boyfriend is really a monster when he sees his true form through his glasses.

Season Three

  1. Stressed Environment: Scientists experiment on rats to try to increase their intelligence, but it works a little too well.
  2. Murray's Monster: A psychiatrist tries to use a patient's inner monster to murder his wife.
  3. Bug House: A woman learns her sister is pregnant and her sister's boyfriend has a dark secret.
  4. Cellmates: A spoiled American man is sent to jail in a South American country for hitting a kid with his car. His cellmate turns into a monster and tries to kill him, only to turn back to normal whenever a guard comes.
  5. Outpost: An inspector investigates a mining outpost on a distant planet and demands to the only worker, a bio-engineered slave, why the mine is behind schedule.
  6. The Hole: During the Vietnam War, a group of soldiers find a bunker full of zombies.
  7. Small Blessings: A family tries to cope with having a meat-hungry monster for a baby.
  8. Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites: Two boys suspect their barbers are vampires.
  9. The Young and the Headless: A jealous scientist kills his wife's former lover, then his wife decides to revive him as a mindless servant with his technology.
  10. The Waiting Game: After a nuclear war, soldiers waiting it out in two bunkers slowly go insane and are convinced there are monsters outside.
  11. Sin-Sop: A journalist visits a man who supposedly owns a "sin extractor", with plans to expose him as a fraud.
  12. A New Woman: On Christmas Eve, a greedy woman who wants to pull the plug on her dying lover to get his inheritance is visited by spirits who warn her to change her ways.
  13. Malcolm: A musician gets a tumor removed, but afterwards loses his artistic spirit.
  14. Household Gods: A woman is too busy with work to take care of her kids and hires a nanny. When things start to go wrong, the nanny claims the woman offended the household gods.
  15. The Space Eaters: Two friends find a man whose brain has been extracted from his skull and eaten. An alien claims responsibility and says it is coming for them next.
  16. The Waiting Room: A man cowardly tries to sacrifice his son to a mysterious woman he made a bargain with years ago. His son's wife tries to save him.
  17. Leavings: Two officers investigate when they find people with missing body parts while their superior doesn't seem to care.
  18. Desirable Alien: An immigration officer starts to fall in love with an immigrant, then learns he is more than a mere illegal alien.
  19. A Face for Radio: An obnoxious talk show host gets a guest who has an alien creature in a cage and claims the creature eats evil beings.
  20. Werewolf of Hollywood: A scriptwriter and his assistant are assigned to write for a new werewolf movie, then a real werewolf attacks the studio.
  21. Talk Nice to Me: A womanizer is stalked by a woman who keeps calling and leaving him messages all the time and seems to know all about him and his relationships.
  22. Hostile Takeover: A greedy executive owes his success to a voodoo priestess. When she demands sacrifices, he kills her, but he finds the voodoo gods are not easy to avoid.
  23. The Maker: A man encounters an alcoholic magician who can conjure up anything and tries to exploit him.
  24. The Moving Finger: A man is attacked by a really long finger that rises out of his sink.

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