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  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: Jeep is seen early on carrying a (likely) homemade crib for Charlie's baby. Like a carpenter or something. He's also not the true father of her child. Not at all like Joseph of Christian lore.
  • Funny Moments: Michael, after giving several characters a crash-course in automatic weapons usage, says if they get it wrong, it might blow their hand off. Cue everyone looking at Percy, a former military man, and his hook for a hand.
    Percy: "What the fuck ya'll lookin' at me for?"
    • There's also the scene near the end when Audrey tries to shoot Gabriel in the face with a flare gun. She misses, but the flare bounces around for a bit and hits Gabriel anyway.
    • And then there's this:
      Bob: "I don't even believe in God."
      Michael: "That's okay, Bob. He doesn't believe in you either."
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Michael going against God (and thus being called "rebel son" by Gabriel). In some countries, Christianity got a bit muddled, so there are places that believe Michael is the one who got cast from heaven for mutiny.
    • Michael is actually the angel usually used for doling out God's judgment in the Bible, while Gabriel is usually the angel that is the deliverer of good news (i.e. the message to the virgin Mary). A viewer who know these traits beforehand will see that the movie has a special ironic streak to it.
  • Heartwarming Moments: When Michael tells Jeep that he's the biggest reason why Michael still has hope for humanity. See Big Brother Mentor on the main page.
  • Ho Yay: One particular scene with Michael and Jeep could give slash authors one too many ideas.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The angels recruiting children as cannon fodder.
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  • Narm: The whole damn film is filled with Narm and Narm Charm to the brim. Moviegoers went into hysterics after watching the trailer featuring that possessed old lady climbs up onto the ceiling. The whole scene with the granny qualifies, really. Hearing an old lady say, "You and your fucking baby are going to burn" is hilarious, not scary. There's also the Creepy Child ("I just want to play with your baby") and Gabriel's chainsaw-mace.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Everyone can agree that the possessed granny is probably the best part of this film.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Audrey/Gabriel is rather popular on Fan Fiction Dot Net and DeviantArt. This despite the fact that the two share exactly one scene, where she tries to strangle him and they both go through the windshield of a car at 90 miles an hour. Being an archangel, he lives. She...doesn't. It's nevertheless one of the most popular Het pairings in the fandom on both sites.
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  • Signature Scene: The scene with the possessed old lady in the diner.

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