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Spoilers will be unmarked.

  • Ass Pull: Crime scene details, more or less, come and go as plot demands it. For example, what appeared to be one room is actually one room and a massacred replica. And the viewer isn't tipped off one bit until it is shown.
    • The mystery-solving relies on a wholesale rejection of all things supernatural; the typical criminal in-universe is some devious person manipulating the superstitious into believing a falsehood. From this, a person might successfully deduce their way to the water-damaged double room. (Though it must be noted that the Queen Berry incident was the very first case in the anime, and if one is paying close attention, like Victorique does, one might be able to notice the difference or figure out how it could be pulled off.)
  • Awesome Music: Both ending themes qualify, especially the full versions available on the ED single.
    • The OP is excellent as well.
  • Complete Monster: Marquis Albert du Blois is the leader of Sauville's Ministry of the Occult. A man obsessed with the supernatural, he viewed his own children as nothing more than tools. After he met a woman who matched the bloodline he was looking for, he kidnapped her and raped her to produce a child before stealing the daughter Victorique from her. Albert apparently manipulated the start of World War II and blackmailed the King into making him the Prime Minister. He also managed to amass a legion of followers by making the people believe that his daughter was a monster.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Quite a few people watch the show for the singular reason that Victorique is adorable.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The alchemist Leviathan, who manipulated the king for years to keep his homecountry in Africa safe and even had an affair with the queen. He wasn't even a real alchemist, just a charismatic Con Man.
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  • Moe: Admit it, Victorique is the cutest detective ever imagined.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Episode 19 makes it quite clear that the Marquis de Blois had crossed it long before the start of the series... and puts paid to any assumption that his relationship with Victorique's mother was in any way consensual.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Whilst the series had touched on somewhat dark subject matter before, Episode 19's flashbacks were still quite remarkably disturbing both for what they showed and what they implied.
    • The fortune tellers. The looks on their faces are absolutely terrifying.
    • The sudden closeup on the Fake Avril's face in Episode 4 was downright creepy.
    • Episode 24 when Kujo is knocked out and dreaming that his whole lower half is missing!
  • Nightmare Retardant: Herminia from the Horovitz arc. Whatever the writers intended with her loony facial expressions and completely over-the-top psychosis, utter hilarity probably wasn't it, and yet...
  • Tear Jerker: Take the time period of the series. Add the 20 years foretold to the dutiful third son of an Imperial Army Officer. It makes every episode heartwrenching. Then comes Episode 15....
  • The Woobie:
    • Victorique, especially as more details about her past come to light. Let's just say that living alone in a giant library which she needs special permission to leave was a big improvement on her previous situation.
    • Her mother seems to be a good candidate for the trope, as well. She lost her home twice over, as well as her daughter for a crime she did not commit and she was kidnapped and raped.


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