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Heartwarming / Gosick

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Two of the surviving "hares" reunite, with one returning the other's charm that was given many years ago.
  • Victorique and Kazuya's Take My Hand moment when the bridge to the village collapses, with Victorique begging Kazuya to not leave her.
  • The conversations between Kujo and Victorique during the ending of Episode 17 where Kujo picks up Victorique bridal style and runs towards the train to escape the flooding of Beelzebub's Skull.
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  • In Episode 22 when Kujo finds that Victorique has put her mother's ring under the Christmas tree where Kujo presumes anyone could have taken it. Victorique explains she selected the gift and wrapping specifically to make sure Kujo would be the one to take it.
  • The final part of the last episode, when Kujo reunites with Victorique in Japan, it heavily implies marriage with the dress Victorique is wearing along with a bouquet. The dialog "We'll be together forever" also helps.
    • As of Gosick Red, they are married and live in New York.

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