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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • If Cordelia had time to set all those bombs before Albert's big speech, why didn't she just put them under the place he'd be standing? Or just shoot him from a distance?
    • She wanted to kill him with her own hands, is all.
  • What is up with the last episode, where Kujo freaks out about his legs (and it's kind of imply he lost them)? When I saw that I kinda figured either he died in the end, or he'd return to Victorique an amputee, but nope, he WALKS straight to her. What in the what?
  • Why does Leviathan kill Ian, and then even in such an incredibly cruel fashion? That doesn't even make a lick of sense, even with him being in such a desperate position.
    • The position of Alchemy was being shaken at that very time, and many were starting to doubt his power. Since he could not simply produce gold in thin air in front of the king, he instead proved it to the superstitious people of the time by killing Ian and melting gold to make it seem like he turned the boy's blood into gold, thus creeping the shit out of everyone and revalidating the position of alchemy, to preserve his legend.
      • And getting himself accused of murder in the process. Smart move, Levi. Don't forget that he admitted that he made the boy drink the gold. That's cruel beyond imagination.
      • Sanity Slippage. The stress of pretending to be an alchemist under intense scrutiny by the king probably drove Leviathan a little crazy, leading to his taking several dozen levels in jerkass by killing Ian.
  • How could the boy at the graveyard not have seen that there was someone running? Black people really don't suddenly turn invisible when the sun goes down. Besides, black people weren't such an unusual sight in that town anyway.
    • It's pretty hard to locate and spot a dark-skinned person running past you at night from an unknown direction, especially In a World... without flashlights or electric street lamps.
  • How could Kazuya simply collect Victorique at Beelzebub's Skull? Why hadn't she been placed under guard?
  • How did Victorique prevent the bomb on the bridge from going off? Shooting the bomb or the timer would likely only make things worse.
  • While it's impressive how Victorique can deduce what happened based on very limited clues, it's not so likely that suspects would get convicted based on such patchy evidence, unless they were caught red-handed. Of course, this relies on the quality of evidence the Sauville courts accept.
  • How is Victorique's name spelled? It seems that the official sources go with "Victorique", which could be written in Japanese as "ヴィクトリク" ("Vikutoriku") or perhaps "ヴィクトリケ" ("Vikutorike"). In the light novels, however, her name is actually spelled "ヴィクトリカ" ("Vikutorika"), which is also how her name is pronounced in the anime. Besides, despite the French ring to it, Victorique is not an actual existing name, regardless of gender.
    • One of Kazuya's letters is shown onscreen in the final episode and confirms the "Victorique" spelling.
    • And as to the name not being real, that happens all the time in Real Life. Someone gives their child a "unique" (not necessarily a "bad" name, just one which isn't supposed to be too common; a fine example here would be "Cerulea" as a possible female name) name and it doesn't really "exist" until it becomes more popular some years later and thus "accepted" as a possible name.
  • How could Victorique's hair have turned COMPLETELY silver in just a few days? It would have taken the same amount of time to grow that long as her ordinary hair.
    • There have been notable cases of the pigment of human hair breaking down in extreme cases of stress. Taking in account that this is an anime and not real life, and that Victorique has probably never had to handle such a stressing series of events before prior to this, she's understandably overwhelmed.
      • Otherwise known as Marie Antoinette Syndrome.
      • Pigmentation only breaks down with new hair. Existing hair is basically non-living and will not be affected by stress. It's not like the skin on the head sucks the pigment out of the hair through its follicles.
    • This isn't really that complicated, even though a ridiculous amount of the fanbase seems to have trouble understanding it. She overheard that people were searching for a girl with blonde hair, and bleached it as a disguise. And before anyone kicks up a fuss about her hair still being silver after the timeskip, bleach doesn't exactly wash out.
      • After four years her hair should have pretty much returned to its original state. Unless she kept bleaching it, of course.
      • The only way to stop different colored roots looking awful is to cut off the part that has been bleached, or bleach the regrowth. Given the length of her hair, it's pretty clear she kept bleaching it.
  • In the first case, how exactly does proving that the girl was poor, and that she lied about her gun prove that she was behind the entire thing?
    • It doesn't. Victorique is jumping to conclusions.
  • Victorique is definitely a MacGuffin Super Person. Her father knows that and keeps her confined as his trump card. But not only does he know that. Victorique is very much aware of this as well and the Ministry of Magic very likely has some knowledge as well. So 1) why doesn't the Ministry of Magic to secure their position just abduct her? 2) why does Victorique unconditionally do every of her fathers' biddings? She could blackmail him for all he's got...
  • What is with the pipe Victorique is always smoking? It doesn't make sense that she actually puts weed in it. Wouldn't it be illegal back then and how come there's never any smoke coming out of it? The only alternative I can think of is that she puts flowers in it and just tastes the aroma.
    • She could just be fidgeting, and is chewing on the pipe to relieve her boredom.

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