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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The game's take on Batter and the events of the game itself, which is to be expected considering the original game leaves it up to the player to decide what's really going on to begin with. The same goes for Bad Batter and Ghost Batter, who are more O.C. Stand-in characters than anything to begin with.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The extra scene you get if you have the Rabbit Card and the stinger for the Downer Ending which contains the one and only cameo for Zacherie in the entire game both qualify. Said extra scene references the Joke Ending from the original game, which was also one of these.
  • Broken Base: OFF fans either love it for adding some closure to the original story and introducing new characters, or hate it for being needlessly dark.
    • There are also a few fans who can't quite get past the... interesting grammar of the dialogue, which is due to M-256 not being a native English speaker.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: This game's Batter is one of the more sympathetic takes. Of course considering how subjective the original game is, it's somewhat forgivable. An example of this among fans for this game in particular though is probably the fandom depiction of Bad Batter, since fanworks tend to play up his initially cute and sweet seeming personality and ignore the more unpleasant things he does.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: This game's version of Ghost Batter seems to be the most popular character. Of the the Batter Trio, he's the one with the most solo fanart. This is to the point where the sort of sequel, Bx: Execute, that M-256 is currently working on has him as the main playable character.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The fact that this game has a Ghost Batter as a protagonist has gotten a huge laugh out of those familiar with fellow OFF fangame UNKNOWN. Bonus points since the two iterations of Ghost Batter are polar opposites of each other.
  • Ho Yay: Just examine a mailbox in Workforce 2. Ghost Batter will yell at Bad Batter for wanting to open it to look at the letters, which leads to:
    Bad Batter: Okay Mr. Swears-a-lot-no-fun-allowed, but aren't you curious?
    Ghost Batter: No. Go fuck yourself.
    Ghost Batter: What the hell??????
    • This is also poked fun at along with Foe Yay in the Panic In Ballville issue that Ghost Batter finds in the library in Workforce 1. Magenta Ninja gets caught in the middle of Ballman and Boxxer arguing/exchanging witty banter with each other and eventually snarkily accuses them of wanting to ask each other to the prom, to their surprise and confusion.
    Magenta Ninja: I can already hear the fans firing up their paint programs.
    • Then there's a much more disturbing example in the form of the first Elsen Bad Batter encounters after escaping his cell in the Prison. He clearly is enjoying getting Eaten Alive a bit too much and his entire dialog in that scene is full of Double Entendre. Bad Batter comments that he feels dirty afterwards.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Bad Batter and Ghost Batter both qualify, but despite how loud, obnoxious, and prone to curses and insults Ghost Batter is, Bad Batter is definitely the bigger Jerkass of the two.
  • It Was His Sled: Aside from how this game's opening spoils the ending for OFF, just looking at the tag for this game on tumblr spoils the fact that Ghost Batter and Bad Batter are brothers and used to be called Black Batter and White Batter.
  • Iron Woobie: The Batter himself, who gets put through quite a bit in this game and spends most of the story suffering depression and Survivor Guilt over the part he played in the events of the original game. Celeste also qualifies due to her backstory.
  • Nightmare Fuel: See here.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Similar to how the Batter is seen in a more postive light, Zacharie is cast in a much darker shade in this game. Whereas in the original game, he was a mostly neutral shopkeep that occasionally dispensed hints, in this one, he's cast as Sugar's Bastard Boyfriend who left her behind and possibly even cheated on her with the Queen, of all people. He's absent throughout the entire game, only appearing if you get the Bad Ending, where he is shown being swallowed by the darkness.
  • Ship Tease: Ghost Batter and Sugar of all things. Their interactions during her cameo are actually pretty cute.
  • Tear Jerker: There's a few of these as well.
    • Anytime that the Batter refers to the Judge as his one and only friend. Especially since, when you meet him in The Stinger for the good ending, the Judge clearly does not share the same sentiment.
    • Ghost Batter scolding Bad Batter after Bad ate the group of Elsen. He had sincerely hoped that being free from the Batter would have fixed Bad Batter, but it's obvious that he has problems of his own.
    • The Batter has multiple breakdowns over the game, with the first being after his foray into Squirure's house, Ghost Batter and Bad Batter find him in the alleyway crying (although he denies such). Later in the Science Factory, he has a full-blown Heroic BSoD after an Elsen asks him to Mercy Kill him, writing his own suicide note before being shot by KNO3. He has one final low moment when KNO3 shoots and kills Celeste, as he begs her to get up and promises to fix her, even attempting to cast a healing spell on her before leaving.
    The Batter: I don't want to be alone again.
    • Black Batter and White Batter's history, where Black Batter commits suicide. When you play as the White Batter and travel up to the top of the building, you can see him on the edge, but cannot stop him, as the door is locked. All you can do is bang on the glass door ineffectually. If you travel back down and find his body on the ground, White asks Black to wake up before breaking down and crying. When you meet their shades later in the Science Factory, Black Batter asks you if you've seen White Batter and mentions that he loves him very much and, while hoping that he straightens up one day, will always care for him. When you meet White Batter, he mentions that he makes messes in the hope that Black comes looking for him, and that he's not spiteful towards him.
    • Despite the Bad Ending being mostly Nightmare Fuel, two instances are very sad. At one point during the Batter's breakdown, he mentions that this is no one's fault but his own as if he's reassuring...someone right before everything hits the fan, and then at the end of the very short credits (shown over the image of a black baseball cap in a white void, no less) is an apology.
    "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
  • That One Boss: Quite a few people find Omega to be the hardest boss in the game. What's worse is that he gives you the option to save just before fighting him, which can screw you over if you come after him underleveled, since you may have to start all over again if you do. tip 
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