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Nightmarefuel / Continue/Stop/Rise

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Given that this is an OFF fangame, Nightmare Fuel is expected.

  • Meeting the Judge in a dream sequence at the beginning of the game. His head has been smashed in and parts of his bloody skull and brain stick out, and he wonders if the Batter is worth anything now that his purpose of purifying the world has been fulfilled.
  • Bad Batter hunting down the Elsens after they inadvertently insult the former. As you do damage to them their sprite changes, becoming more and more bloody while also having their eyes gouged out and their heads cracked open. Every time you choose an attack you're also treated to a nice message detailing what you're doing to these poor people, and this has to be done 5 times over.
    "The inhabitant screams and pleads for mercy that won't ever come as you strike it in the stomach."
    • Although awesome as he gives Bad Batter his comeuppance, when Ghost Batter finds out what Bad has done he tears him apart with his bare hands. Fittingly, when Bad Batter joins the party he's completely dead.
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  • Squirure's house is a terrifying Mind Screw. Whenever you travel up a flight of stairs the game cuts to a completely black screen with no noise and cryptic things written on it. At one point it breaks the fourth wall and calls out the player with a huge, red YOU. When you meet Squirure on the top floor he serves the Batter soup, and says that truthfully the contents of the bowl change according to the person who eats out of it.
    The Batter: "Wait, this is not soup. It's blood."
  • The Batter's nightmare sequence in Workforce 2. It starts with him entering a house and looking in a mirror, which shows him with his face scribbled out and NOTHING written in red next to him. In another room, there is a single knife and lots of Batter clones, interacting with the knife gives a yes/no prompt with no question. Choosing 'yes' cuts to an image of the Batter stabbing himself in the chest before it cuts back to the room with all the other Batters having been brutally murdered.
    • We then learn the story of Black Batter and White Batter, who had been told since the beginning that one of them would die and the other would become a monster. Black Batter chooses to commit suicide, and we are treated to a picture of Black Batter with his arms torn from their sockets and his head broken, with gore splattered next to him.
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  • Workforce 3 isn't any better, as the Batter's experiences begin to take their toll on him. He's first tricked into going into the Science Factory alone, and meets an Elsen who knows another way out. After travelling with him for a while and having to meet the shades of White and Black Batter, the Elsen reveals that he doesn't want to live anymore and tries to talk the Batter into a suicide pact, which clearly distresses the Batter. After killing said Elsen, the Batter hurries to flip the switch to get out of there...and sits down and writes what is clearly a suicide note for himself.
  • The Prison is full of Elsen who are clearly on some sort of drug that causes them to mutilate themselves with a huge smile on their face. Later on, you even find wiggling body parts of said Elsens, and there is a huge room full of them that don't say anything when you try to interact with them.
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  • How can one forget Puppetworm Batter? Basically his entire existence is Nightmare Fuel. He's a being with the basic appearance of our Batter, but he is constantly wearing a Slasher Smile too big for his face and has a giant disgusting worm-like creature attached to one arm in place of his hand. What's worse is what he represents: He's a manifestation of the futility of White Batter and Black Batter's attempts to fight their fates.
  • The Bad Ending. The Batter kills Epsilon but notes that he doesn't feel any better; in fact, he feels as if something inside of him has died. Epsilon disappears, followed by Ghost and Bad Batter, and the Batter goes completely off the deep end asking if he's going to die as the text spaces itself out and gains random capital letters to the point of becoming illegible, stating that if he dies he'll "dEsTrOy EvErYtHiNg" and gives a call back to the speech he gives in his ending ("Escaping from your purpose is impossible") by saying that that was his "original function". It then jumps to a cutscene of the Batter splitting in half (one half has a pure white eye and is grinning, while the other half has no eye and is frowning) as sickening noise is heard and a great darkness rises from his bisected body. It cuts again to a picture of a person kneeling, text on the screen asking someone if they wanted to be hugged, and the someone responding that they want to scream and to be stabbed. The darkness then overtakes the Earth, swallowing up an island where Zacharie and three Elsen are hanging out, erupting into the sky. If you have the Crazy Rabbit Card, the extra scene shows the strange aliens bombing Heaven to prevent the darkness from swallowing the whole universe, destroying it completely.

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