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YMMVs for the comics:

  • Ass Pull: Sam Bradley, Jr. gets revealed as baby Helena's father in the post-One Year Later comics after numerous hints and teases (most obviously the name) that her father was Bruce Wayne. Not only did Selina and Sam barely have a relationship (the night of Helena's conception essentially involves Selina acknowledging Sam finds her attractive and Coitus Ensues) but dedicated fans who did the math on how old Helena was supposed to be, as well as when she supposedly was conceived, noted it made no sense for him to be the father.

YMMVs for the character:

  • Magnificent Bitch:
    • Batman: Once a hopeless street orphan, Selina Kyle built herself into the charming, wealthy, brilliant cat burglar Catwoman, who pulls off daring heists as much for kicks as for money. Constantly matching wits with Batman and forming a lasting mutual attraction, Selina also proves to be one of the most intelligent individuals in Gotham, even outwitting Bane to betray him to Azrael and frequently using others for her schemes. Also defined by her love for those close to her, Selina even brought down and killed Roman Sionis when he targeted her loved ones.
    • Batman Returns: Catwoman, real name Selina Kyle, was at first the put-down secretary of shady businessman Max Schreck. When Schreck pushes her out of the window of his building for learning too much, Selina is given cat powers by strays out on the streets and uses them to become a vengeful vigilante herself. As Catwoman, she overcomes a thug mugging a woman with ease, blows up one of Schreck’s stores while timing her escape perfectly and on more than one occasion, bests Batman in a physical fight. Catwoman also briefly teams up with The Penguin, real name Oswald Cobblepot, to successfully pull off a scheme to frame Batman and later saves Batman while finally taking out Schreck once and for all.
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    • Catwoman: Soulstealer: Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, rose up from illegal street fighter to pay for her sister's medical bills to become a skilled member of the League of Assassins in two years. After discovering a way to use Lazarus pit formula to cure her dying sister, Selina leaves the league and heads back to Gotham City where she starts a crime spree in order to recruit both a skilled biochemist to help her complete it in Poison Ivy and a way to contact The Joker and make a deal with him in Harley Quinn. Starting a massive, flashy crime spree to take control of the criminal underworld and outwitting Luke Fox's attempts to evade her, Selina lets herself get captured eventually, knowing she'll be transferred to Arkham Asylum due to the infamy shes gained and uses Joker and his army to defeat The League of Assassins members who've come for her, by promising it to him, only to backstab him and hand him over to the police. Selina is a cunning, seductive figure who genuinely grows to care for Harley, Ivy and Luke and ends the book succeeding with her plans to save her sister, heading off for her next heist.
    • The Batman: Catwoman, real name Selina Kyle, is a cat burglar who steals because of the adrenaline rush she receives from the act. With skills rivaling Batman himself, Catwoman frequently evades his grasp, and at one point even manages to steal his utility belt, using it to aid in her thefts. Not limiting herself solely to crime, Catwoman has occasionally allied herself with the Dark Knight, aiding him in taking down worse criminals and even saving his life at times.


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