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Comic book

  • The last two issues of Will Pfeifer's run on this title, wherein Selina:
    • Breaks into an art gallery to steal a painting for kicks (a Catwoman poster, actually),
    • Decides she doesn't feel like walking home, so she triggers an alarm and then steals a car from a detective who comes to investigate.
      • And his hat.
    • And then she dumps the car in the river.
    • Steals one of Adolf Hitler's paintings for Calculator
    • Throws a super-powered Nazi under a train
    • Calls her bank mid-fight to confirm she's been paid
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    • Tosses the Hitler painting in the river
    • Leads Batman on a chase through Gotham
    • And finally, just to end the series on the highest possible note, steals the Batmobile.


  • During the 2005 Golden Raspberry Awards, the film was nominated in seven categories, and won in four of them. The awesome was Halle Berry showing up in person to the Razzies, and delivering a faux-tearful acceptance speech while holding her Monster's Ball Oscar in her other hand. Ballsy.
    Halle Berry: First of all, I want to thank Warner Bros.. Thank you for putting me in this piece-of-shit, god-awful movie...


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