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Awesome / Catwoman

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  • The last two issues of Will Pfeifer's run on this title, wherein Selina:
    • Breaks into an art gallery to steal a painting for kicks (a Catwoman poster, actually),
    • Decides she doesn't feel like walking home, so she triggers an alarm and then steals a car from a detective who comes to investigate.
      • And his hat.
    • And then she dumps the car in the river.
    • Steals one of Adolf Hitler's paintings for Calculator
    • Throws a super-powered Nazi under a train
    • Calls her bank mid-fight to confirm she's been paid
    • Tosses the Hitler painting in the river
    • Leads Batman on a chase through Gotham
    • And finally, just to end the series on the highest possible note, steals the Batmobile.