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Trivia for the film:

  • All-Star Cast: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Benjamin Bratt were in the lead roles.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Berry originally said that she did the film because she wanted the awesome experience of playing a woman beholden to no one. However, in an illustration that Hollywood acknowledges the power of this trope, it turned out that she was only saying this for publicity's sake; she later gave an interview saying that she mainly did it because she was under contract (thus beholden to people).
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  • Box Office Bomb: It only brought back over $80 million of its over $100 million budget, making it a spectacularly expensive failure. Interestingly, it was the highest grossing female-led superhero film until Wonder Woman - not a tough competition, but still notable.
  • Creator Backlash: Director Pitof and his production designer Jean Rabasse disliked the film's plot and script. They even suggested another plot which they had thought together, but execs rejected it for being supposedly "too artistic".
  • Creator Killer: This film killed whatever hopes its director, Jean-Christophe "Pitof" Comar, might've had of breaking into American cinema as a frontline director. Even back in Europe, Pitof has only directed one more film since, and it's a TV movie.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • Patience and Laurel have a conversation about George's scheme. It was left intact in the novelization.
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    • An alternate ending has Patience go with Tom. This was left intact in the video game.
  • Genre-Killer:
    • The failure of both Catwoman and Elektra was a major reason that studios became so skittish about female superhero movies. Of course, this has resulted in numerous accusations that it was just being used as a cheap excuse, acting like their both being such awful movies couldn't be a factor in no one wanting to see them. It took the DC Extended Universe's Wonder Woman more than a decade later to eventually prove that a female-led superhero movie can succeed critically and financially.
    • Likewise, the failure of this film was also one of the reasons for which studios became unwilling to do any more superhero movies focused on villains. Another superhero film centered on a villain would not be made until Sony Pictures released Venom fourteen years later, which was negatively received as well, yet audiences mostly loved it. In the end, it wasn't until the next year that Warner Bros. released Joker to universal acclaim, effectively redeeming themselves from the disaster Catwoman was and demonstrating that bad guys have a possibility of shining on the big screen.
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  • Hostility on the Set: According to insiders, Sharon Stone was difficult to work with for this film, among other reasons because she personally disliked Benjamin Bratt (she had previously vetoed his casting from Basic Instinct 2 claiming he was a bad actor). While shooting a scene, Stone's mobile phone rang, and she nonchalantly interrupted the scene to take the call.
  • No Stunt Double: Berry did several of her stunts herself, especially regarding her whip play, which she trained extensively to be able to use. In another of the stunts, she suffered an accident during a chase scene and had to be briefly hospitalized.
  • Old Shame:
    • For Miss Berry in years to come:
      First of all, I want to thank Warner Bros.. Thank you for putting me in a piece of shit, God-awful movie[...] It was just what my career needed.
      • The context for that quote: She said it at the Razzies as she accepted her award for "Worst Actress". The entire time, she was holding her Oscar for Monster's Ball in the other hand, publicly reminding people that she is usually a good actress; the movie was just THAT bad. Razzies founder John Wilson even remarked that after seeing this, he expects Berry to run for the Oscar again.
    • In addition to Berry, the film also became a big shame for co-writer John Rogers.
    • This also happened with one of the film's VFX vendors, Tippett Studio, who actually went out of their way to point out that the only effects they did in the film were the cats. They've since furthered their distance from the film by not even making any mention of it on their site.
    • Averted with Alex Borstein, who loved doing it and asked Halle Berry on Instagram if she remembered it.
  • Recycled Script:
    • As often noted on the web, the film bears a striking resemblance to The Crow. In fact, the movie's first trailer was alleged to have the same narration script as The Crow's own trailer - only changing the respective animal.
    • The romantic basketball game between Patience and the detective was lifted verbatim from Daredevil.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: According to one of the writers, "insane legal issues" prevented Selina Kyle being the main character.
  • Star-Derailing Role: For Halle Berry, and it was also the beginning of the end for Sharon Stone's time in the upper tiers of stars.
  • Stillborn Franchise:
    • Halle Berry signed for a sequel but after all the bad reviews, development on the sequel was quickly squashed. This also made her available for the third X-Men film; she rejoined that series, but allegedly got paid less for her role that go round.
    • The film also managed the impressive feat of killing off an unrelated series before it could even really begin; a film starring Berry's Die Another Day character Jinx had been in development for the previous two years, but the critical and commercial failure of this film killed that one too.
  • Stunt Double: Zoë Bell did stunt work on the movie. She performed high falls and acted as a double for Sharon Stone.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The film was originally a spinoff from Batman Returns, and would have followed Selena (intended to be played once again by Michelle Pfeiffer) as she supposedly took on a new enemy during a stay at a resort. The script was written by Daniel Waters and completed in 1995 (ironically, on the same day Batman Forever was released), but both Tim Burton and Pfeiffer dropped out soon after and the film was stuck in Development Hell for years.
    • Ashley Judd and Nicole Kidman were originally considered to play Patience, and the character's surname was originally Price.
    • An early draft of the script had Patience becoming Catwoman to avenge her mother's death.
    • The Comic-Book Adaptation was based on an earlier script for the movie, deviating from the final film a few places. The biggest alteration is that Tom discovers that Patience is Catwoman much earlier, finding her mask and letting her know his discovery just after their love-making scene, incidentally excising the infamous handwriting subplot. The ending is also different in that instead of Patience leaving him to live on independently as Catwoman, the two decide to stay together.
    • Originally, "Outrageous" from Britney Spears was supposed to be the single from the movie. However, Britney injured her knee while filming the music video. With no video to promote the single, they instead used "Scandalous" by Mis Teeq.
    • The scrapped Direct to Video animated spinoff film would've had Patience meeting Selina along with delving deeper in the Egyptian mythology of the film, which would've satisfied fans of the titular character.

  • This movie managed to become the second comic book movie and the first superhero-themed one to win the Worst Picture Razzie; 2015's infamous attempted Fantastic Four reboot became the second superhero film and third comic-book movie 11 years later. The other comic-book movie with a Worst Picture Razzie is 1986's Howard the Duck.

Trivia for the video game:

  • The Other Darrin: Every actor except for Frances Conroy got replaced by a voice double.
  • The Other Marty: Halle Berry voiced Patience in the first level but the rest of her dialogue was provided by Jennifer Hale.

Trivia for the comics:

  • Creative Differences: Ed Brubaker reportedly left his critically-acclaimed early-2000s run writing Catwoman's solo title in protest at the replacement of early artists like Cameron Stewart and Rick Burchett with the much more Fanservice-heavy work of Paul Gulacy. An interview in which Gulacy described Selina as "slutty" and the idea of her not being primarily a fanservice character as "absurd" may have been a final straw.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed:
    • Selina Kyle/Catwoman is said to have been originally modeled on actress Hedy Lamarr.
    • Artist Adam Hughes also admits he models Catwoman after Audrey Hepburn.


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