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    Both R Ps 
  • Base-Breaking Character: Given the variety of interests of the RPers, it's only natural that certain characters that one RPer likes won't be on another RPers favorites list. Some of the prime offenders over the years include the mane cast from Friendship is Magic, Spyro the Dragon characters, and even several OCs depending on how they're handled.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: With how characters frequently dropped in and out of the RPs story, this was a given. Often, a character would show up out of the blue to attempt to help the heroes in their struggles... Only to disappear for varying reasons several post later.
  • Crossover Ship: Being a Massively Multiplayer Crossover, it's only natural. Usually, they're given a fair bit more development and focus than the usual way Crossover Ships happen.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Generally, most of the characters in the RP come from otherwise family friendly franchises, and there's no age limit on who can join the RP. Some characters, however, originate from franchises that are most definitely not suitable for children. For example; Trevor appeared in an Aborted Arc at one point, and Kasumi and Ayane are intended to become regular characters in the reboot. This isn't even getting into the RP tackling a lot more mature themes, and several characters have been implied to have had off-screen sex in both RPs.

     Old Campus Life RP 
  • Arc Fatigue: The 'Baby Tails' arc. Though most of it was rendered lost forever, and despite being the first major plot of the RP, it falls under this. While plots that came after it last around 500-1,000 post at most, the 'Baby Tails' arc lasted around a whopping 10,000 post, two Forums, and roughly THREE YEARS before finally ending! Needless to say, this was endlessly lampshaded even by the user who originally started the arc.
    • Miyamoto City was revamped/rebooted because it soon became less of a spin-off and more of a separate RP in the same area.
  • Broken Base: Though for the most part the Users of the RP are willing to get a long, a few minor ones have popped up over the course of the RP.
    • Though relatively minor, the mane cast from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic heavy involvement in the Dark Sonic arc has caused some minor complaints by people who aren't big on the show, though for the most part it hasn't caused any major fights yet. To quell this problem, one of the Users who controls half the mane cast promises they won't be as involved in major future plots.
    • Action oriented plots VS more laid back, character driven plots. A major complaint by people who were involved in the A-Plot of the RP before Giygas' attack was how action oriented it had become, but most of the Users who had joined after the Dark Sonic plot prefer the action and getting to use some of their more powerful characters.
    • There was also some complaints over how the RP became an Action/Sci-Fi/Drama over the wacky collage antics of the original premise. Most just wonder how it happened, and some new comers find it hard to join sense most of the major characters are currently on remote spaceships. There's been some effort to quell this problem as of late though, with a few RPers trying to bring back the wacky college antics as of late.
    • Characters who are DBZ levels of power VS characters who are Badass Normals. People often accuse DBZ like characters of being overpowered and are to easy to God Mod and No-Sell with, while claiming lesserr powered characters tend to be more interesting. Meanwhile, people often complain about how battles aren't as intense when "normal" characters are involved, and that DBZ-Level characters can be just as interesting as "normal" characters.
    • Whether or not the Campus element should just be dropped in favor of having a giant city instead. Some argue that it would make it easier for new comers to join in without having to shoe horn their characters into an existing plot, and note that most of the actual plot takes place in space now anyways. Others argue that they don't want the Campus to be dropped because it's in the title, and that it isn't that hard to bring characters in anyways.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: The main problem with the original Campus Life RP. Several original RPers admitted to this day they had no clue what the original A-plot was about. The only points universally known facts were Tails became an infant, got his body back, Took a Level in Jerkass, and started dating an A.I. Most of it ended taking place in outer space. About the only ones who know what it was truly about were the main two roleplayers involved in it. It's the main reason they had to pull a Continuity Reboot once those said two RPers left.
  • Creator's Pet: It's pretty clear who is whom's favorite character based on how much they get used. More often than not, the resulting fanboying over them can get rather... Grating.
    • Dark Sonic was originally this before control of him was forcefully taken from the original RPer. By the time he was removed from the original writer's control, his power had reached DBZ levels of craziness.
    • The mane cast got some accusations of this, with some saying they felt shoehorned into the Dark Sonic plot and clashed with the overall plot, even though Rainbow Dash was the one who (accidentally) kicked the plotline off.
    • Alex got some accusations of this near the end of the RP, thanks to his rarely ever being caught off guard and always seems to figure out the solution for any problem he's presented with, however unlikely it may be. The author of who always trying to portray them as smarter than even most "canon" geniuses and his technology being portrayed as vastly superior to anything anyone else could cook especially started to rub some RPers the wrong way near the end, to the point one RPer started to deliberately go Off the Rails as much as possible in an attempt to spite his controller.
    • Lara Croft started to reach this level near the end too. Her Badass Normal traits were kicked Up to Eleven and her controller attempted to create a spin-off of the RP specifically for her. Notably, she's the only one to have an image of her on the character, courtesy of her original controller.
  • Fetish Retardant: Pri’s author was unwilling to portray the sex scene between her and Tails, even in a private chat, mainly to avert this.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Mewtwo ends up getting forced into Mega Evolving, which was shown to be incredibly painful for him when it happened. Come Pokémon Sun and Moon and the Alola Pokedex revealed that Mega Evolutions are indeed very painful for the the Pokemon involved in them.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During the climax of the Dark Sonic arc, the mane cast combined together to repower the Chaos Emeralds and go super to fight Hubris. Fast forward to the season four finale, where they all get canon Super Modes. This was all written well before season four of the show was even a thing.
  • Jerkass Woobie: After having his parents murdered and being abandoned by his trainer, Absol became rather bitter and misanthropic. His girlfriend's almost as bad, as constantly being objectified has turned her bitter and misanthropic.
  • Memetic Mutation: Kaen references “It’s over 9000”. Alex yells at him for this, as Gohan was listening.
    • Paraphrasing another popular Dragon Ball meme, 'Is Tails still a baby?' was quite popular with Forum goers back in the day even after the arc had ended, usually to references RP arcs that had gone on too long.
  • Moment of Awesome: Prior to Miyamoto City's revamp, Lara Croft, Badass Normal, had established herself by taking down the Slender Man.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Actually, the main reason Near's user chosed to go with Near instead of L in this RP was to avert this trope, as he presonally finds the idea of hating a character for not being a previous character incredibly stupid.
  • The Woobie: Mewtwo. While he has very much enjoyed Lapras' company, much of the rest of his day has been pretty ridiculously stressful.
    • Lara Croft can count as well. While she hasn't had any traumatic events happen to her while on Smash Campus, She is a shell of her former self and was aimlessly wandering the college grounds before finally deciding that she needed to do some soul searching and returned to her own world.

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