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  • Creator Breakdown: The main reason the Society of Smashing Fiction got merged into the Legends Incarnate was because of this trope. Due to constant arguments from users taking the RP way too seriously and constant power playing / godmoding by a user at the time quickly ended up taking its toll on the current admin, resulting in the godmoding user getting a three day ban when he finally snapped and almost caused him to Rage Quit RPing altogether. (He eventually got better, though he still hates it when people start to take elements of the RP too seriously...)
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  • Creative Differences: A major reason there was so much in-fighting throughout the RP's history was because of this. With so many RPers throughout its entire life, it's only natural that everyone would expect something different out of the RP. When they don't get their way or don't get to have their elements acknowledged, debates about whether it even should head in the direction a specific RPer wants can get rather... Heated, to say the least. Thankfully, these days, a greater part of the RPers have come to the realization that trying to force the RP in one direction or another isn't fun for anyone involved and are more willing to Improv when it comes to plotlines.
  • Critical Research Failure: While not as big an issue as one would think with this trope, occasionally players catches themselves on this.
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  • Exiled from Continuity: A number of characters have actively been rejected from the reboot RP for various reasons, even if they appeared in the original RP. Any characters labeled planet-busters like a greater part of the cast from Dragon Ball, Saitama, Superman aren't allowed thanks to being vastly overpowered compared to the rest of the cast. Characters with Story Breaker Powers like Jotaro Kujo are not allowed for a similar reason. Also, characters without a logical reason for being there such as Yu-Gi-Oh characters and space travelers aren't allowed, in hopes of preventing a Genre Shift that causes the campus to become The Artifact like in the original RP.
  • Missing Episode: Unfortunately, thanks to the original Forum admin deleting the Forum or thanks to Fan Fiction Dot Net and it's infamous treatment of its Forums, several key arcs of the RP have had much of their content rendered this as a result. This includes the original arc that kicked off the RP, the "Baby Tails" arc and a bulk of the "Dark Sonic" arc. Notably, these were also the only two arcs to get proper conclusions to them.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: It's pretty easy to tell what era certain parts of the RP take place in depending on the sheer number of characters, and how important a role they play into the plot, from a certain franchise in it at that point in time. Movie characters come and go depending on the time their movie was at the height of its popularity, while Pokemon characters, especially those originating from Gen IV greatly outnumbered actual humans on Campus for a good while. Then the mane cast My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic became major characters in it leading the B plot, to the point this very trope page was added under the Fan Works index for the show. Then the cast from Undertale is also gaining a noticeable importance to the reboot, making it obvious when the reboot took place.
  • Viral Marketing: In the Forum itself, one of the users decided to do this when introducing two of their new characters.
  • What Could Have Been: Several ideas for RP plotlines had been tossed around over the years, with a few not even making it into the RP proper by being an Aborted Arc.
  • Writer Revolt: The RPers don't always exactly get along, especially when someone does something that derails a plot point they were trying to set up. It can get... pretty ugly at times, to say the least. Doesn't help that there's a few that intentionally derail plot points out of spite after getting into an argument with a fellow RPer

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