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So, hey. Not sure how you found this page but, welcome. I'm TokoWH; once an amateur RPer and Fanfic writer hoping to become a novel writer. I may not be perfect yet but have been putting a good deal of effort into this. I'd like to think I'm far better than I once was when it came to writing a year or so ago. Who knows? If I'm lucky, you may see a trope page for one of my works in the future...

This Troper usually uses or has comments on the following tropes

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: I was diagnosed with mild ADHD as a child. I've gotten a lot better about it since then.
  • Character Development: Several people have told me I'm pretty good at writing this, even for canon characters.
  • Idiot Ball: I tend to get this slipped into my pocket rather frequently.
  • Large Ham: I tend to slip into this on occasions where I'm just goofing around. Also my favorite character type of writing. :P
  • No Sense of Direction: I still have trouble telling east from the west...
  • Ron the Death Eater: If there's one trope I absolutely can not stand, borderline on my personal Berserk Button... It's this. I go to great lengths to avert this in my works that have characters that usually get this treatment.