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  • Base-Breaking Character: Varg himself. Some people love him and consider him an influential part of the Norwegian Black Metal scene (as stated many times by Fenriz), but some consider him a traitor for basically telling about the church burnings, which resulted with the downward spiral of the scene later on. Nice Varg. His bigoted/authoritarian views and criminal history certainly don't help either. That said, his music is generally respected even by black metal fans who dislike him personally, though even here there are exceptions.
    • Even among the Nazis and fascists who agree with his racist views, he is controversial. This is because Varg believes that modern day civilization is in and of itself bad, and people should instead live in tribes with "their own" people. He partly blames the rise of civilization on Southern Europeans (IE Greeks and Romans) whom he doesn't consider to be white. There's also the fact that he openly hates Christianity and considers Christians to be inherently insane (basically, he hates everyone who isn't a fellow pagan), which puts him at odds with the many members of the alt-right who are some form of Protestant or Traditionalist Catholic Christian.
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    • He's also caused a divide between the seas of his far-right fans, as he's made it absolutely clear multiple times that he finds the American Nazi/fascist resurgence to be laughable, as he believes Americans have no right to their lands, due to their of lack ancestral ties to it (as opposed to his belief in the European movements) and their dark history with the Native Americans. That aside, he has generally made a lot of disparaging comments on America as a whole, and has made it clear he doesn't care for his American fans.
  • Broken Base: His later albums after he was released from jail. Some people love Belus and Fallen, but most people seem to be split with Umskiptar. And then came the transition from black metal to ambient tracks, which further split his fanbase following the releases of Sôl austan, Mâni vestan and The Ways of Yore.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Some people believe he killed Euronymous in self-defense (as Varg himself claims). He's also seen this way by many people with far right leanings who sympathize with his political views.
  • Ending Fatigue: "Rundgang um die transzendentale Säule der Singularität" is twenty-five minutes of mostly the same riff. Unsurprisingly, it gets this a lot. (At the same time, it can also be a massive ear worm for much the same reason.)
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Of Black Metal, as he managed to be acclaimed even by the mainstream and eschew the "It's Popular, Now It Sucks!" tendencies of most black metal fans.
  • Epic Riff: Like his...bandmate, Euronymous, Varg's guitar prowess is as indisputable as his character is. "Dunkelheit" and "Jesus' Tod" probably contain his most instantly recognisable riffs, but all his metal songs probably contain at least one.
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  • Fountain of Memes: His YouTube channel ThuleanPerspective, which Varg mostly uses to post videos of him either making unscripted rants to the camera or just goofing around.
  • Heartwarming Moment: YES, even Burzum has one. After the Paris shooting tragedy in 2015, Varg released a video about the subject. Much to the surprise of everyone, it was a somber video with him urging people to love each other during a time of tragedy. Even Varg knew that what mattered was to focus on each other instead of looking for who to blame, which speaks volumes compared to his other content.
  • Memetic Mutation: From the song "War":
    "This is war... huh... wow."
    • Note that this is probably a mondegreen; it's generally agreed that Varg is actually saying, "This is war" (or "This is for her, war"). But with his strong Norwegian accent, it's hard to tell for certain.
    • Also, the Burzum parody project Bumzur basically exists to create Burzum memes.
    • While we're on parodies of Burzum, what do you get when you record black metal riffs with surf reverb instead of distortion? The Burzums.
    • Hell, Varg himself is a meme. Pretty much any discussion of black metal on the internet is probably going to bring up Varg and Euronymous at least once, and he's a frequent source of reaction images as well.
    • His Youtube channel.Which really shows how much of a "quirky" person Varg is, from discussing "how to win a woman's heart" to politics. Keep in mind, this is a black metal artist.
  • Narm: See Memetic Mutation above (with regards to the song "War").
    • Also applies to his style of screaming in general, although YMMV. Some find it to be quite frightening.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Much of his music can qualify for many people. He himself can qualify for many people. On the other hand, some of his ambient material can almost qualify as Sweet Dreams Fuel ("Tomhet" is a good example).
    • If you really want nightmare fuel, try his first four albums, especially Filosofem.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: The fact that lead singer Varg Vikernes is a white supremacist who murdered Euronymous of Mayhem fame is what a lot of people remember the band for these days.
  • Signature Song: "Burzum" (more commonly known by its alternate Gratuitous German title, "Dunkelheit", though this is not the official title). Considering it shares its name with the band itself, this may not come as a surprise.
  • So Bad, It Was Better: Sort of. In 2011 Varg released From the Depths of Darkness, an album featuring re-recorded versions of his favourite tracks from the first two albums with more professional musicianship and production. Critics and fans alike reacted less then favourably - the consensus was that the raw performances and shoddy production on the original versions of the tracks in question was a large part of their charm.
  • Tear Jerker: Yes, this project has one. Han som reiste seems to be one of the famous contenders from his old career, especially when used in the Until the Light Takes Us documentary.


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