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  • Artist Disillusionment: Varg really doesn't like the modern Black Metal scene, going so far as to compare them to homosexuals and "stereotypical Negroes." Stay classy, Varg!
  • Creator Backlash: Hates the modern Black Metal scene and has apparently claimed that he's going to stop making metal for good. Time will tell if he keeps his word, which he did when he announced on his Youtube channel Thulean Perspective, admitting he never intended Burzum to continue or so long.
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  • One of Us: Say what you will about Varg, but he's definitely a case of this. His band's name comes from Tolkien; he's made quite a few other Tolkien references throughout his career; his first two full-length albums' covers are explicitly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons; the list goes on.
  • Screwed by the Network: Varg lost three YouTube channels in June 2019 due to the site's new policy on hate speech. It seems he's given up on trying to get back on there for the time being, although he now stays a rather controversial following on Twitter, masquerading under a Lord of the Rings reference (despite denying it is him).
  • What Could Have Been: Around the time of recording the Aske EP, Varg condsidered playing some gigs with Burzum, so he hired Samoth on bass and Erik Lancelot on drums. However, he quickly dismissed this idea and decided that he didn't really need other musicians (although Samoth played bass on two songs from the aforementioned EP). Given how his other attempt at playing in a band with other people went, however, this might have been for the best.


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