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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Both endings were meant to be sad but due to the playerbase generally favoring Leo, there are some who think that the "Vincent dies" ending is considered the "good ending" of the game.
    • Even though Jasmine ends up betraying Leo and Vincent after selling them guns, she specifically and significantly only tells Harvey's goon about Leo, and fails to mention Vincent or the guns that she just sold them. It could just be a case of playing both sides, but there could be something else going on.
    • Another way to interpret Vincent's vigilante action is that he knows Harvey's compound is too heavily-defended for the Mexican authority to pacify without massive casualties. Real-life Mexican cartels can often go toe to toe with the military itself, so it's not unreasonable to assume that Vincent wants to save as many lives as possible by going alone with an escaped convict.
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  • Awesome Music: Farewell, the song that plays during the climax. It fills you with an emotion you can barely describe, that gets right down to your bones. Like a hole inside that can't be filled because you're not sure what filled it in the first place. It's chilling, and melancholy, and fucking awesome.
  • Best Level Ever: Critics and players all seem to agree that the hospital escape is the best part of the game, as the gameplay frantically shifts between Vincent and Leo in one long series of moments, keeping both players on their toes while demonstrating what Vincent and Leo can do when they're suddenly separated.
  • Broken Base: The lack of an ending where both characters live. Some people think that such and ending would miss the point of the game, while others think that without it, the game is too much of a downer.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Many players think that Leo is the more sympathetic of the duo especially after Vincent's betrayal, in spite of the fact that Leo is an actual criminal and Vincent was (ostensibly) just doing his job.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Leo is very adamant about following his plan and not taking any detours. When Vincent tells him that his wife just gave birth, Leo immediately changes his mind and helps Vincent go see his newborn child.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Leo commits a lot of crimes and he's not the most social fellow, being inclined to aggression and violence... but he did have a rough childhood and evidently has little money to support his family, and is just doing what he can to get by with the skills he has in life. He's even sympathetic in wanting to be a good father, and helps a fellow father Vincent to see his newborn child. Doesn't help that Vincent essentially manipulates him into helping him, and in the end tries to put him back in prison.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • A game by Tommy Wiseau. Explanation 
      • Fuck the Oscars! Explanation 
  • Narm: Although A Way Out is full of sad moments, the wooden voice-acting and the stiff animations bordering into the Uncanny Valley tend to ruin the general atmosphere of the game.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Some players put Vincent in a negative light for turning on Leo and are less sad about his death, despite the fact that Vincent was trying to get justice for his brother, stop a dangerous criminal, and is much less violent and aggressive than Leo.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Vincent is seen as this, as noted above, due to the fact he was actually an undercover Fed and planning to ultimately turn Leo in. He would probably retain some sympathy if what he got Leo to do was within the confines of the law, but his revenge quest takes them to Mexico, which is supposed to be far out of the FBI's jurisdiction, and rather than arrest Harvey he's clearly out for his blood, making it clear he's a Cowboy Cop looking for revenge rather than simply following protocol. The fact that he isn't arrested for this himself has some viewing him as a Karma Houdini on top of this..
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The police captain in the final chapter outs Vincent as an undercover cop while the police have the duo surrounded, and even gives him a loaded gun. Leo proceeds to steal Vincent's gun and takes him hostage, resulting in the climax and, ultimately, either Leo or Vincent dying. If the captain had waited a few seconds more and held off until Leo was handcuffed, or better yet, if the police had arrested them both and separated them before congratulating and freeing Vincent, no one needed to die.
    • Once Vincent figured out where Harvey was he should've let the Mexican authorities arrest him. Not only would they have a better shot at arresting Harvey but Mexico was not Vincent's jurisdiction so going into Mexican soil and extra-judicially killing Harvey was illegal. This is likely because Vincent himself was out for Harvey's blood due to the murder of his brother, in addition to the fact that the rest of the force seems to endorse this course of action.
    • It never occurs to Leo how Vincent knows so many useful skills despite being a banker. He also doesn't care that Vincent is able to secure a trustworthy pilot out of nowhere despite having no prior criminal background.

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