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  • The chase against Ray, one of Harvey's henchmen, takes place high up at a construction site. Ray will try everything to derail Leo and Vincent, throwing construction material in their paths, escaping over impossible routes, and even attacking them. It's both awesome and thrilling; doubly so for Leo, who's shown to be afraid of heights.
  • Despite Leo being a convicted criminal on the run, he's a devoted family man who knows a thing or two about marriage, showing that he's really not so bad of a person.
    • During the trailer park section, the player can have Leo help a woman find her cheating husband, who's having loud sex with another woman about a few trailers away. It feels satisfying to go snitch on him, then listen to the woman having her revenge with a baseball bat.
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    • In the city level, you can have Leo encounter a girl who's arguing with her boyfriend for cheating on her with her best friend. One of the dialogue options is to have Leo make the boyfriend apologize for his cheating.
    • When Leo encounters a woman who tries to flirt with him, he gently turns her down since he still loves Linda.
    • When Vincent gets a call about his wife Carol going into labor, Leo immediately drops their plan to kill Harvey and takes him to the hospital where Carol is giving birth so he could see his baby daughter. And when Vincent mentions his marriage problems, Leo suggests that he write an apology letter, because that's what helped him and Linda when they started falling out.
  • If you succeed in playing a Guitar Hero-like minigame in the barnyard level, you're rewarded with a cutscene where Vincent and Leo perform a beautiful country song together on the piano and banjo, respectively. It makes you wonder how they managed to play music so awesomely.
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  • The Oner for the hospital escape section. It is fast, action-paced, and directed impeccably.
  • If you choose to parachute down to Mexico, Leo's parachute will fall off and Vincent has to fly over to him midair and use his parachute to get him to safety.
  • During the ending chase sequence, one moment has Leo and Vincent's bikes crossing paths over ramps as the jeeps chasing them crash, creating an epic scene where the bikes and jeeps are flying on both player's screens across each other.
  • The final confrontation between Leo and Vincent. Very sad, but well put together.
  • A Meta example: On April 13, 2018 (which incidentally, was a Friday), Hazelight Studios announced that A Way Out sold over 1 million copies in just over two weeks! This is especially incredible, considering its release came after the financial firestorm that surrounds Electronic Arts' prior release Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), which added yet another mark on their already bad reputation; as well as their claim that narrative-driven, single-player or co-op games won't sell well. Instead, this game completely blew the expectations out of the water!

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