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Tear Jerker / A Way Out

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As a deeply cinematic game between two very highly conflicted men, there's bound to many many tearful, depressing moments.

  • One scene has Leo and Vincent go to meet Linda, Leo's wife, and their son, Alex. Alex found out about what his father did and refuses to speak to him. In fact, when the boy escapes to his treehouse, he pulls the ladder up so Leo cannot follow. All the while, Leo is helpless to do anything about it.
  • Vincent goes to the hospital to meet his wife Carol, who is in labor giving birth to hers and Vincent's daughter. He finally gets to hold his newborn in his arms, even though Carol has a lot of trouble with him.
    • Vincent mentions that he and Carol had tried having a baby for years, and they failed every time. When Carol finally got pregnant, Vincent ended up in prison. He actually was enlisted by his higher-ups to go undercover as a convict that day.
  • After a climatic scene, Vincent is revealed to be an undercover officer, who used Leo to get the valuable diamond and to take out Harvey. Leo is understandably furious by the revelation, and returns the favor by taking Vincent hostage to escape the police.
  • The final scene of the game Vincent and Leo are injured and on the roof, badly injured, wailing on each other while remembering the bonding they shared. Eventually, they both notice a gun and reach for it. The first one to reach it turns the weapon on the other and kills them. There is no other option; one of the men the players spent the whole game working together with must kill the other.
  • The epilogue has two variations, depending on who survived, Leo or Vincent.
    • If Leo, He agrees to fulfill Vincent's request of giving his tearful confession to his widow Carol, but when he actually does it, he couldn't bring himself to face Carol, so he rings her doorbell and leaves before she sees him. While Leo tries to be comforted by being with his wife and son, he's deeply affected. We then see Vincent's police funeral, complete with a three-volley salute, and an inconsolably sobbing Carol. Throughout, we also see Vincent's infant daughter, and realize she will grow up never knowing her father.
    • If Vincent, He decides to stay by Leo's side out of respect towards their former friendship, holding Leo's hand until he dies. He later breaks the news to Leo's widow, Linda, who is angry and at first attacks Vincent, but then begins to sob and throws him out of the trailer home. Leo's son hears his mother sobbing and runs into the house to help her. Vincent is also deeply hurt by what he had to do. And the final scene involves a despondent Linda being the only person to place flowers on Leo's grave.

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