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  • There was going to be a review of The Goonies II in the early run of the show, which is why some footage of the game is in the intro. However, Fred said in a (now lost) forum post that they started a video on the game, but simply didn't have enough material to make a review out of it. The mysterious Goonies II footage was mentioned in the X-Perts episode, where JDG says that this was because he rushed the making of the intro, and that the game itself was actually fine.
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  • One episode was going to have Seb as the reviewer, but they couldn't find the right plot/excuse for it. Seb would eventually take the role of the reviewer for a short section of the Zelda CDi episode and Toilet Tycoon in the simulation games episode.
  • An FAQ episode jokingly says that they planned to review the Sega Genesis Marsupilami game, but the tail-focused gameplay would lead to too many distracting Double Entendre jokes. In reality, the game didn't get a proper review because they didn't find it that bad, and wouldn't give enough material for an episode.
  • He had planned a second episode based on Disney video games. However, his script would require it to be filmed at an empty actual Disney amusement park... which would be very difficult and very expensive to do.
  • One Papy Grenier episode was planned to be about Tomb Raider. However, Fred couldn't find a satisfactory script. After the bad reception of the Zelda episode, he knew he had to play a major role in the game's reenactment scenes. Problem: either he plays Lara Croft himself, which would be too awkward and distracting... or he plays a pervy cameraman who follows her around, but it would be difficult to write something around it.
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  • It was planned to upgrade the intro at some point, but they didn't want to go through the trouble. Plus, Fred thinks the datedness/irrelevancy of the intro makes it funny.
  • Nightmare Circus was supposed to be a more straight horror parody, but the surreal wacky ending has been improvised because they didn't finished to write the video's script when the shooting started.
  • In Takeshi's Challenge, Pepito was initially supposed to only speak with quotes from rap songs, but they changed it into quotes from songs in general because they didn't find enough quotes. He reappears in later video but speaks normally, because they didn't found enough lines to keep using this gimmick.
  • According to "The Tier List of Crappy Games"note , the initial premise of Joueur du Grenier wasn't crappy old games but crappy Free-to-Play games. They even completed a full episode with this premise, but never released it.
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  • Fred wanted to shoot a revenge video on Brad Stallion in Sex Olympics (first featured in the "Valentine video"), but ultimately decided to not do it, fearing it would mean trouble to his channels (it's an erotic game).
  • In the Fort Boyard video, Fred tells he asked to Microids (developers of Fort Boyard: La Légende) why the (hideously racist) cutscene featuring an Asian NPC has been cut, then bases a gag on the fact Microids didn't answer. They actually answered, but after the video's release. If they had answered in time, the sequence would probably have been different, and less funny.note 
  • The Club JdG about connections between the Mondo series is retooled from the introduction of a cancelled video. Fred wanted to wrote a video about a Mondo Christmas special, and which opened with an explaination of said connections, but he noticed the introduction alone was as long as a normal Club JdG video, so he made the actual episode focusing only on the links between the series of the "Mondo Cinematic Universe".
  • In early 2021, Fred told a story that happened eight years prior about an episode of Papy Grenier on SimCity (2013) that never saw the light of day. The video in question was to be sponsored by EA, was fully completed, and ended with an out-of-character Fred giving the game an objective review, which, considering what game we are talking about, wasn't all flattering. Not only did EA break off the deal, they also threatened to contact Machinima and force them to shut down JDG's YouTube channel.
  • Fred delved into the series' origins during a livestream, mentioning that originally they wanted to review terrible flash games so they wouldn't invite any comparisons to the Angry Video Game Nerd, but changed their minds after working on two reviews and deciding retro games were better after all. Also, up until the day they started shooting their first episode, they hadn't even decided who among Fred and Seb would be the JdG and who would be the off-screen sidekick, finally settling on their respective roles ten minutes before the camera rolled. Fred mused there was a parallel universe in which JdG were reviewing flash games, beating Squeezie to the punch, and another where Seb was JdG and Fred was David Goodenough. It was only decided because Seb was more camera-shy.
  • The pilot episode, that was going to be focused on Flash games, had the show called Big Review, which, along its theme song, was a parody of French singer Carlos's song Big Bisou. It is possible that Fred wearing a Hawaiian shirt was deliberately inspired by this Carlos gimmick, to go along the fact he was overweight and bearded.

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