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Shout Out / Joueur du Grenier

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Joueur du Grenier reviews:

Papy Grenier:

Bazar du Grenier:

Club JDG:

  • The name, the jingle and the opening of these specials are based on the Club Dorothée show.
  • Fred claiming that all Mondo's productions fit in a singe verse named the Mondo Cinematic Universe (which uses the Marvel Cinematic Universe logo containing character clips and music).
  • The episode about the story of Adam and Eve adapted by Mondo has a sequence (which parodies the episode set after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden) which consists in a montage of Adam and Eve dressed in animal pelts and growing plants, as well as fighting against various animals (include dinosaurs); said montage is set to the theme-song of the Animated Adaptation of Rahan.


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