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Awesome / Joueur du Grenier

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  • The second Papy Grenier episode, where Supreme Guide Mayor summons a mountain like a surfacing Shai Hulud, just because he feels like showing off.
  • The Disney special is full of them, with songs adaptation of some well-known Disney songs. The parody of Scar's Villain Song from The Lion King (1994) stands out.
  • JdG managed to get Benoît Allemane to voice a talking Christmas sock in the Home Alone and FMV games episodes. The man is very well-known in France for being the dubbed voice of Morgan Freeman, Sovereign, Santa Claus, Baloo, Goliath, Tony the Tiger... and The King.
    • He outdid himself with his Mass Effect papy grenier with amazing cosplay and the French Va of Joker, Female Shepard, Tali and Garrus.
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  • And while we're on the topic of unexpected cameos, the Metal Gear review and the Anti Terror Force review both feature cameos by none other than Doug Walker, a.k.a. The Nostalgia Critic. Many jaws dropped on the days those videos were uploaded.
  • His fake trailer on a hypothetic My Little Pony film. He actually managed to make it EPIC.
  • Speaking of fake trailers, he also did one for a making-of in his second FAQ video. It's both hilarious and epic.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved: Playing for more than 6 hours (for a 30-minute video) but finally, finally succeeding in taming and riding a dinosaur.
  • Ninja Hitler vs the Space Vikings, Fred's contribution to cinematic greatness in The Movies, consists mostly of Hitler getting his ass kicked by a woman and a man in a duck suit.
  • Fred finally, finally beating Tintin in Tibet. That the ending music of Gladiator plays over it doesn't hurt.
  • The Guild 2:
    • Henri Silverberg, an unrepentant asshole and first viewpoint character of the Generational Saga, is finally forced to stand trial for his crimes. Not only does he have the person who called for the arrest murdered in the street between the time he finds out about this and the trial, but he manages, in true Karma Houdini fashion, to die just before the trial, having arranged for his daughter to be the next head of family and landing her a position on the city council.
    • His granddaughter, Camille Silverberg, is even more ruthless. She expands her grandfather's business empire, seizes the positions of power and finally takes over the city by eliminating anyone who stands in her way. She even intimidates Satan into granting her a longer life. Just before she dies at 125, she organizes a great banquet for all her remaining rivals (who at that point are too scared to oppose her) to attend... where they are all slaughtered by her successor to the tune of The Rains of Castamere.
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  • Stranded Deep: Fred manages to kill a tiger shark by shooting at it with a speargun... but actually finishing it off with a spear thrust.
  • Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition: Fred's description of one level:
    I'm riding a Gallimimus and strafing a helicopter with a machine gun while dodging its rockets while being chased by raptors and shot at by soldiers.
  • As of the sixth episode of "Kerbal Space Program With No Tutorials", Fred has finally (crash-)landed a rocket on the Moon. And Mission Control Rejoiced, and "Now We Are Free" starts playing.