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  • Acceptable Targets: Politicians. He makes fun of right-wing politics often, which is ironic since in real life, he is more or less open about being right-wing himself. He has even collaborated several times with Usul, a leftwing youtuber who notably wrote the Tropico V narrative let's play. He also takes little shots at French trade unions and such, though.
  • Alternate Aesop Interpretation: The Tomb Raider: Search for the Mysterious Green Dollar video is obviously a very caustic satire of Youtube's monetization policies, including Laurent Croft's rant at the end of the video, but this speech may also work as a denunciation of Political Overcorrectness, a phenomenon which actually was criticized by Fred in other videos and in interviews.
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  • Anvilicious: The Code Bleu narrative is pretty unambiguous about how important hospitals are, how they should never be treated like any other business or focus on making money rather than curing patients. However, with the constant complaints about French hospitals being understaffed and undersupplied, it can't be understated.
  • Award Snub: One of the many people not even nominated for the Web Comedy Awards in 2014.
  • Awesome Music: Many different kinds of music are used during his episodes, which always leads to commenters asking "What is the music from this part from?" Fortunately, nowadays, the music shows up in the credits.
  • Bizarro Episode: The two-part Takeshi's Challenge episode features a different opening, an opening narration in Fred's... approximate Japanesenote  that has nothing to do with the game in the first part, a frantic pacing, out-of-nowhere references and a very wacky tone, in line with the game itself.
  • Broken Base:
    • The Mid-Review Sketch Show aspect in many of his later episodes. A portion of fans find them boring and distracting, another portion finds them funny and think they give the videos personality. Fred personally prefers to add skits so as to break monotony.
    • The Better than a Bare Bulb nature of a lot of the jokes; is it funny and meta, or is it just cheap and repetitive way of pretending subversiveness?
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • In his Emily Is Away videos, Fred consistently fails to understand that in a game very clearly based on the lives of American youth, “college” means university. Because he thinks the word is being used in the British sense (i.e. for secondary school), he thinks the characters are about to begin high school. This changes the implications of virtually all of the player character’s interactions with Emily, not to mention makes attempts to woo Emily a tad creepy.
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    • Fred says in a commentary video on Tintin in Tibet that he never made the stereotypical "the developers were on drugs" jokes in his older reviews. However, he says this minutes before his older self is shown saying that the developers "must have been on crack".
    • In the Jeux en Vrac about Sonic fangames, he explains Sanicball (a racing game) shows the player's speed in "fast per second", right at the moment said speed counter is shown onscreen (in "fast per hour").
    • In the video about Dingo Pictures and its shoddy animated films, he says that the company began in "the early 2000's"; despite the screen itself showing that their first animated films were made in 1994.
    • The Rambo video has Co dress up and impersonate an officer's wife. Despite the game reading "general's wife" right there in white on black, they keep referring to her as the "captain's wife".
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • "Those drawings are as bad as my little sister's.' And my little sister is DEAD! I KILLED her because her drawings SUCKED!"
    • Seb as the Joker cutting someone's fingers off... and replacing them with sausages. The victim later finds himself unable to resist eating his new 'fingers' because they are simply too delicious.
      Marius: It's at the same time painful... and delicious... [eats one of the sausages]
    • Most of the things Papy Grenier does or says. At one point, he shoots one of his grandkids to see if people react like in the N64 Goldeneye videogame when they're shot and seems genuinely surprised that it's not the case. Then he tells the other kids to search some bandage to tend the wound. He also tried to convince his daughter to abort and wants to tell the story to the grandchildren, may have killed and buried a child in his backyard, keeps the skull of someone on him (thinking it was his father's), and, in general, he revels in abusing Videogame Cruelty Potential For the Evulz.
    • In his Civilization Let's Plays, he once again abuses the Videogame Cruelty Potential For the Evulz. And while as Napoleon he at least showed Pragmatic Villainy from time to time; as Catherine de Medicis, he doesn't.
    • His The Guild narrative Let's Play stars a dynasty of merchants scheming and murdering their way into power in ways that wouldn't be out of place in Game of Thrones. All of it is played for laughs.
    • At the end of the first review of games adapted from comic books, Duckman and the Eagle of the Night end up maiming a class of fourth graders playing laser tags, thinking they are the Big Bad's henchmen. They're not, and even the Big Bad is apalled by their needless brutality!
    • The second comic book episode starts with Barbara Magret saying she wants to help with capturing supervillains, and Magret telling her "Tu peux toujours courir." It's a common French expression to express a blunt refusal, but it also literally means "You can always run." It doesn't seem like much until you realize he says that to his wheelchaired daughter.
    • The World of Tanks commercial at the beginning of the Bad Boys 2 - Enter the Matrix episode includes this gem:
      Seb: Create an account and subscribe. It's as easy as invading Poland!
    • In "Games and Metal", Seb parodies the Scarily Competent Tracker trope by being able to discover how many people were in the area (and how long ago they left) by tasting a puddle of vomit.
    • In the Fort Boyard episode, Fred reacts to a hideously racist (Dummied Out) cutscene in Fort Boyard : La Légende featuring an Asian man, by mentioning other China-related clichés and stereotypes the cutscene forgot to mention.
    • In the end of the Ghostbusters episode, the form taken by their version of Gozer is Hitler dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl. Since the Mid-Review Sketch of the episode is a very faithful pastiche of the first movie, the context is identical: their Gozer took this form because it was a comforting character from a protagonist's childhood...
    • In one of the commercials specials, Fred explains he misheard the theme song of the Pom'Pot applesauce as a song about Pol Pot. Cue a Pol Pot-themed parody of said ad. It's unclear if the singing is from Sorina (who is of Cambodian origin).
      Pol Pot the despot
      Pol Pot, handsfree
      Pol Pot, upside-down
      Pol Pot, underwater
    • The Kerbal Space Program videos take place in the Toulouse-Matabiau space center, "formerly AZF". AZF was a chemical factory built in the French city of Toulouse that exploded in late 2001. Highly appropriate for a setting where rockets explode every five minutes, less appropriate in polite society.
    • In Castlevania, Belmont is Dracula's neighbor and slaughters Dracula's guests slasher movie-style because the party is too noisy. In the end, it's revealed Alucard deliberatedly engineered this situation to make sure Belmont would snap and murder Dracula. Then Belmont kills Alucard then politely but firmly asks Dracula to lower the volume of the music... after everyone else is dead. Dracula refuses.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Since he started to appear in the videos, Seb has become just as popular as Fred, if not more.
  • Gateway Series: His original intention for making the show, because he wanted to introduce more people to AVGN and the kind. So far, it seems like he's succeeded as long as the French are concerned.
  • Genius Bonus: In the Enter the Matrix episode, Seb (as the boss of Infogrames) says to Fred!Neo that they "plan to invade politics very soon". Behind him on the screen, you can see footage of Bruno Bonnell, the real life former CEO of Infogrames, who became a parliament member for Emmanuel Macron’s party La République en Marche in 2017.
  • Growing the Beard: Fred has commented that the series really gained an identity and quality of its own with the Dark Castle review, where he let go of the obvious influence from the AVGN.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Sort of. In the Raid 2020 review, the Joueur du Grenier makes fun of the game catchphrase ("Winner fight drugs") by showing a photograph of Lance Armstrong while saying "except him". Armstrong was stripped of his winning titles on the Tour de France (because of doping and after a very long suspicion) a few weeks after the release of the video. It should be noted that, while Armstrong was proved of doping himself after the video was released, almost everyone took for granted that it was the case.
    • In the Star Wars episode in December 2015, there's a joke about a resistance soldier with the code-name Charlie − "Charlie! Where are you? We've lost Charlie!"note  Willy Gauchet, the actor who played Charlie, passed away a few months later at the age of 24 (an In Memoriam was included at the end of the Matrix episode).
    • Fred mentioned in a podcast hosted by YouTuber Cyprien that the inverted Astronomic Zoom near the end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review led a fan to find out where he was actually living at the time by using Google Streetview and stalked him, even though Fred was careful not to show his actual town in the video. In addition, not only was that person living 5 hours drive away from him, but he was also helped in his endeavor by his mother, and years later, a friend of the stalker met Fred during a convention and told him he was now in an asylum. Talk about Paranoia Fuel!
    • The Tomb Raider episode mocked Youtube's monetization policy and was immediately followed by the Duke Nukem Forever episode, which behind-the-scene production was marked by a lot of issues with Youtube.note 
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • His "vrac" game on Garfield has him saying how much he hates Garfield (although it was his Grenier persona, his real self just doesn't care about Garfield) got a lot of backslash. He even spent most of his first Tomb Raider LP setting the record straight.
    • Some people felt that his post-Genesis Sonic bashing (including using the expression "shitty friends" for every character not Sonic or Dr. Robotnik/Eggman) in his "2D to 3D" episode, his second video game adaptions special and the second part of the 11th Anniversy episode was really not warranted. And it didn't help that he also bashed Sonic SatAM (by calling Sally Sonic's "furry girlfriend from a comic-con" and calling the other characters pointless).
    • Let's just say that Fred and Seb calling the Metal Gear games "B-movies" during their Gamescom debrief didn't bode well with the fans.
    • Dismissing Tekken in his Star Wars episode didn't side well with the series' fans.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • His My Little Pony parody "Battle for Pony Land" made before the season finale of the fourth season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that does show a war between ponies.
    • Early in his career, Fred made a special episode (not available in the channel) where he continuously gave genuine praise to Aladdin (Virgin Games) while keeping his usual angry tone and actingnote . In 2019, Aladdin was reviewed in a regular Jeux en Vrac episode.
    • The review of Asterix and the Great Rescue starts with a parody of the usual opening of the Asterix books and animated adaptation, with the Gauls' village replaced by Fred's face and the Roman forts replaced by (then) current-gen consoles. This video is one of the first of the channel and has been released while Fred and Seb lived in Southwestern France. A few years later, they moved to live in Fougères, a town located in North-East of Brittany, so in the general area where Asterix's village was supposed to be found.
    • In an episode, JdG jokingly asks "Did I tell you about NordVPN?", in reference to the many French YouTubers who were sponsored by NordVPN in 2019 and would begin their videos with advertising it. Several episodes later, Fred actually does make a NordVPN advertisement, in the form of a Product as Superhero story. It is, however, played even more tongue-in-cheek than his other intro ads as if Fred wants to communicate how he finds it ridiculous.
    • In the Mortal Kombat episode, while reviewing Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Fred goes into a rant and angrily criticizes several aspects of the game, notably that the player character (Sub-Zero) is less agile than Fred was in real life at the time he was overweight, while an actor playing Sub-Zero himself stares at Fred with a baffled expression (It Makes Sense in Context). Said actor is Ironquest, a French videomaker who has a Youtube channel focusing on diets and strength training. One year later, not only Fred was the guest of an Ironquest's video, but said video's subject was Fred's weight loss.
    • In the earlier videos, JdG had the running gag of wanting recent video game consoles at the time, namely the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. In the second part of the 11 Years Special episode, he reviews his first game from The Seventh Generation of Console Video Games as a retro one: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), even lampshading that the Xbox 360 was already 15 years old.
    • In the Cyberpunk 2077 episode, Papy Grenier's comment compairing the omnipresence of porn ads in Night City to browsing Youtube became even more ironic when this exact scene caused the video to be flagged as Mature by Youtube, because the ads were uncensored.note 
  • I Am Not Shazam: During the whole Links: Faces of Evil episode, he calls the wizard Gwonam "Squadala", thanks to one of his lines in the opening cutscene of the game.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: Another complaint he talked about is that if his Jeux en Vrac (a short review of a game he doesn't have time on his regular review) only takes 3 minutes to talk it's gonna be a 3 minutes video since the whole point of it was that the main channel got him stuck in a format and Bazar du Grenier is for video not limited by that.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • David Goodenough.note 
    • The fake JDG.note 
    • Patounes' game.note 
    • "Did I tell you about NordVPN?"note 
  • Never Live It Down: JdG is sometimes seen as the stereotypical "angry reviewer" who makes cliché "the game designers were on drugs" jokes. He did a couple of drug-related jokes in his early episodes, but he quickly dismissed these type of gags later on.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Excalibur 2555 A.D had very mixed reception when it was first released. However, the best part was generally agreed to be Jean-Michel Bruitage vocalizing the death scream of a scorpion (it was also his first appearance).
  • Spiritual Adaptation: The story parts in "Games and Metal" are very similar to Brütal Legend, since they're about an epic journey set in a world mixing Heroic Fantasy and Heavy Metal, with music being an integral part of fights, and encounters with Black Metal and Hair Metal-based antagonists.
  • Squick:
    • In the AB Productions themed special, Fred explains the origin of Club Dorothée: AB Productions' CEO was bedridden for several months after he caught hepatitis after eating a pizza with a mussels topping, and without much else to do beside binge-watching TV, he discovered Dorothée (future animator of the eponymous show), and the rest is history. After grimacing at the mere concept of a mussels pizza, Fred points out that one way of catching hepatitis is to eat feces.
    • "Games and Metal" has a gag where Seb acts as a tracker by tasting a puddle of vomit.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The Zelda-themed Papy Grenier received a lot of criticisms from fans since instead of old Papy Grenier telling a story, it is a fake news report broadcasted on television. Molas said that he wanted to try something different since the Zelda games have already been parodied to death.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: When his first videos appeared, many viewers accused him of being an AVGN knockoff. It didn't help he copied a bit too much of Rolfe's trademarks... but now he has Growing the Beard (not literally, he already had one) and many French gamers prefer him over AVGN (and that doesn't include the language barrier).

    It's worth mentioning that at first he made sure not to review games already reviewed by Rolfe, a decision that has helped him avoid this trope for the most part. So far, the games he reviewed that Rolfe had reviewed before are justified by being as infamous in France as they were in the US back in the day. An exception is The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil, which was highly requested by the viewers. While reviewing these games, he avoided the issues Rolfe had covered as much as he could (the fact that AVGN didn't get too far in some of these games helped a lot, since JdG had a lot to say about these games' later levels). Also, some of the more obscure games (like Dark Castle and Barbie) were reviewed by JdG long before AVGN got to them. Fred admitted that he started to look a bit more in the AVGN's repertoire around 2015-16, when it became hard to find interesting bad games — though that's still a minority of the episodes.
    • In his "Bazar du Grenier" Let's Plays, he has received some flack for his Getting Over It video, because he was seen as trying to emulate the average popular let's player, with many random "wacky" video tricks.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: In several of his older videos, he unironically used Internet memes that were popular at the time of their uploads (late 2000s-early 2010s), such as Shoop Da Whoop or parodying the Bref TV series. Due to average meme longevity, these tend to be dated and awkward when viewed again nowadays. Fred himself calls the "Shoop" meme a "time capsule" when looking at it again ten years later. He also embarrassingly looked back at jokes where he'd do a Brief Accent Imitation of an Asian person, and give the excuse that it was "another time". The Castlevania video also makes references to Tiktok and the 2022 French presidential election, specifically to Anne Hidalgo's low approval ratings.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • In the "Disney ripoffs" episode, he is at shock at a Pocahontas episode where a tribe has their nipples bloodily ripped off by hooked ropes, and finds it gruesome (it is based on the real-life Sun Dance ritual). He reacts by driving to a Buffalo Grill restaurant to kick a totem polenote . While this kind of joke can be seen as funny to his French audience, it would be much more controversial to an actual American audience as Native Americans are considered Unacceptable Targets nowadays.
    • In his Die Hard Trilogy review, he stops short of joking about the title screen, which shows two towers in flames, saying he has "no politically correct jokes" in store for this one. Three minutes later, he proceeds to do a 9/11 joke anyway. Needless to say, an American audience wouldn't have laughed, but he doesn't have an American audience.
    • In some of his earlier episodes, he made a lot of jokes targeted at Once Acceptable Targets - that were still trendy in the late 2000's/early 2010s - that'd have trouble flying following the late 2010s, such as "Asians are smart" jokes, Asian Speekee Engrish impersonations, describing a repeatedly-jumping character as an "autist", saying redheads are soul-less or calling a pink level "Faggot city". In the 2020 retrospective "The Tier List of Crappy Games", he mentions the "Faggot city" joke resulted in backlash and that he wouldn’t use that word nowadays. There were occasional sexist jokes as well, and Black Comedy Rape that would be taken less light-heartedly years later.
    • The Video game Commercials special has a sequence where Fred shows French video game ads from the Nineties, to comment Sex Sells. Those ads featured some very mild amount of nudity, which was considered okay in 90s France (those ads were addressed to children/teenager audience) but not-okay by 2021's Youtube standards (the sequence caused the video to be temporarily flagged Mature).
  • The Woobie: The worker played by Fred in the Frostpunk narrative Let's Play. Outside of the fact that he's stuck in a post-apocalyptic world where ice storms have ravaged the world and lives under the leadership of an Overseer of questionable competence, he loses his wife and later his daughter due to decisions made by the Overseer. He also has to put up with his captain's callous insensitivity towards their deaths. The series ends with him silently shooting his leader to death after having crossed the Despair Event Horizon.