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Tear Jerker / Joueur du Grenier

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  • The Downer Ending of his narrative Let's Play of The Long Dark. After all the hardships he had to go through in order to survive, his character dies litterally while the rescue team was coming, trying to climb a mountain in order to be noticed by the helicopter. Made worst by the sheer despair in his voice when his strength wears off and he can't climb the rope anymore and by the fact that, after he falls and dies, there is no message of Fred like with the end of his other narrative Lets Plays. Just an abrupt cut. Shoot the Shaggy Dog at its cruelest.
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  • The final episode of the Tropico Let's Play. In the previous episode, president Garavo befriended the CIA agent he captured and agreed to let him go. He then became a spy for Tropico and is in fact the teacher presenting the videos. Decades later, a now very old and somewhat melancholic president still waits for his friend's return. Not knowing that he has been arrested by the CIA.
    Journalist: "But... What are you waiting for?"
    Garavo: "A friend. Just a friend. He shouldn't be long now. You know what they say... Days are always too long when you wait for a friend..."
  • The skits of his Rambo review. Outside of the occasional joke, they do have a rather melancholic feel. Grenier is portrayed as a YouTube veteran, who's mocked and considered a relic because he continues to make long videos that need a lot of work. He mentions other reviewers who "fought" to continue making good videos and "died". Especially since he mentions reviewers that did stop their series or put them on hiatus such as Antoine Daniel, Mathieu Sommet or TheFantasio974 .
    Woman: Antoine isn't there anymore.
    Grenier: What do you mean not there? Will he come back?
    Woman: He's dead.
    Grenier: Dead? Wha... What do you mean?
    Grenier: I... I mean... Why? How?
    Woman: He fought well. But he should have done degustations and stupid vlogs like everyone else...
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  • The Bittersweet Ending of his Frostpunk narrative Let's Play. Black Comedy aside (due to the Overseer's dissonant cheerful serenity), the colony has survived the ice storm at the cost of the sacrifice of Fred's character's daughter, sent to fix the generator which was about to explode. The same worker who already lost his wife earlier in the series. The Overseer even lied to him, pretending that his daughter had a chance to survive to make him comply, and keeps making insensitive comments and jokes. The worker's distress in itself is not played for laugh and he spends the aftermath of his daughter's sacrifice in a Heroic BSoD, while the Overseer brushes off his daughter's death as a small sacrifice and rejoices with everyone else. He then leaves the scene, disgusted. The series ends with him killing the Overseer while he was recording his last log and silently cutting the recorder off.
    Worker: (devastated) Yes... We are saved... I'm... happy to have survived...
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  • The end of Green Hell, where Fred's "shoot the natives" policy and stated willingness to murder half the country becomes Harsher in Hindsight when it turns out his character Jack Higgins did exactly that with an untested anti-cancer vaccine that killed millions, also leaving his wife to die alone of cancer to look for a cure to the vaccine, and has been hallucinating her this whole time.
  • The team made a fake trailer for a movie about the life of David Goodenough... as if it was a dramatic film. Outside of the Black Comedy surrounding the sheer number of bad things happening to David and how he keeps his usual nonchalant attitude, some fans admitted that they found the implication that David Goodenough's attitude stems from his inability to accept his daughter's death legitimately sad.