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Nightmare Fuel / Joueur du Grenier

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Though there is some Nightmare Retardant a bit later when the victim is shown to have had his fingers replaced with sausages that he can't stop himself from eating because they're delicious.
  • Episode 4 of the Stranded Deep narrative let's play suddenly takes a terrifying turn when Fred comes across a Megalodon, which upends his boat in the middle of the sea while night is falling. He was lucky enough that the shark had just eaten a whale and wasn't hungry.
    Fred, in character: Those aren't rocks... They look like... Guts? It's a whale corpse... And there's even a dead shark on it... [Megalodon boss title card appears on screen as with creepy violins] HOLY SHIT IT'S NOT DEAD AT ALL AND IT'S FUCKING HUGE! Is that what a great white is?! That thing is the size of a car!
    • Lucky... Until a gust of wind pushed his raft against the whale corpse.
    Fred: Fuck.
  • In the finale of the Frostpunk LP, the central generator fails and the only way to fix it (and avoid losing the city to a massive storm) is to send a child inside to her certain death, to Seb's cheerful indifference. The girl's father executes Seb after the storm passes.
  • The Tomb Raider episode presents a rather nightmarish world where everything has been censored to meet Youtube's standards. To behold: swears are impossible to pronounce, anything even remotely lewd is heavily censored, most topics discussing of serious things have been banned, and 9/11 as a day of the year has outright been Unpersoned. Oh, and may the Green Dollar help you if you do anything that could even slightly be considered to be copyright infringement...