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Drinking Game / Joueur du Grenier

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  • Take a shot whenever:
    • JdG does an Incredibly Lame Pun and reacts embarrassed at the pun.
    • Seb makes the Incredibly Lame Pun and JdG reacts angrily to it.
    • Seb makes a generic silly comment off-camera.
    • JdG describes a show in a very rushed way and concentrates on a random detail just to make a silly joke on it.
    • JdG acts like he is in a creepy supernatural situation and then it is revealed to have a very trivial explanation.
    • JdG makes a joke bashing right-wing politics.
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    • JdG makes a joke related to current events.
      • Take an extra shot if the joke becomes incomprehensible when viewed years later.
    • JdG forces in topical teen slang.
    • JdG ends an episode with an old cartoon theme.
    • JdG is Breaking the Fourth Wall.
    • JdG reacts at shock at a game Breaking the Fourth Wall.
    • JdG has a video's skits be full-on Better Than a Bare Bulb.

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